20 Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media in 2023

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We can’t deny that social media has become the most impressive tool, not only in presenting yourself and communicating with friends but in creating a brand. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to grow a personal label or building a strong presence for a small or big business, social media marketing strategy is the key to success in this sphere.

It is a beautiful mechanism that can sell, influence, and distribute information in the way you want it to be. However, if you fancy winning this game, you have to be aware of 20 essential social media marketing do's and don'ts that will help to avoid mistakes in the initial stages.

10 Do’s of Social Media

1. Choose the Platform That Suits You

Yes, the idea of being everywhere may sound logical if you are planning to be really well-known, but consider that if, for example, you are looking for new employees or partners, LinkedIn may be a better idea in this field than Twitter. At the same time, Instagram may be what you were looking for for making a bright appearance or generating advertisements. Know your strengths and compare them with what social media has to offer.

2. Regularity Is Secret to Stable Audience Growth

Regular posting is one of the hot topics of social media do's and don'ts. The thing here is not to over-post, as too much content can be irritating for the public. On the other hand, something like a timetable can be beneficial. It will assist you in keeping track of the quantity and being consistent in your social media actions.

3. Produce Appealing Content

Make sure that the content you are generating meets the needs of your audience. To understand whether it resonates in people’s minds or not, you just have to read the comments below your posts. Don’t forget that unique content is what will attract clients to your page at all times. Also, the videos and photos published should be of high quality. And remember that taking somebody else’s data is never a good idea.

4. Discover Your Unique Way to Communicate

The way you interact with people is fundamental in real life, and it doesn’t change in social media. Your tone of voice is also a part of your brand-building. Yes, probably, for some institutions, it is necessary to stay serious, but as a rule, customers like little jokes and some fun content. Anyway, everybody admires entertainment, so it definitely will be among social media do's for business.

5. Talk Less, Listen More

Guiding this principle is another aspect of social media advertising do's and don'ts. Here you should be careful and deliberately choose the conversation that you want to join. Keep in mind that the reputation of companies and influencers with whom you are having a discussion will directly affect your positions, too. But generally, participating in social media talks is one of the best promotional ways. It is an opportunity to show your competence, knowledge and get noticed as a leader.

6. React to Negative Opinions

Often the beginners think that answering negative comments isn’t necessary. Actually, it is ultimately the opposite, and that is why this advice sometimes appears among the do's and don'ts of social media. In reality, reacting to negative opinions, you indicate to the customers that you can solve the problems and prevent yourself from spreading negative buzzes.

7. Set Realistic Goals

realistic goals

This advice isn’t directly practical, like previous ones, but not less constructive. Understanding where you are moving and how fast is not a question of social media do's and don'ts because it’s always done. If you plan to get ten hundred followers by the end of the month, it’s totally unrealistic. Fixing some more minor but real expectations will help you clearly see your progress and not be disappointed in the final.

8. Monetize Your Account

Despite some negative thoughts about it, adding some promotions to your account will have only a positive effect. Organic advertising can be very profitable for both sides, clients and you. The same thing works for giveaways. Your followers receive recommendations and prizes from giveaways, and you get customer growth and, of course, money.

9. Give More

In addition to the previous point, still, there is a rule utilizing which you will have a stable interest in your page. Of course, you aim to sell, but if you have more advertising content on your page than valuable information, that will only irritate users. Ensure that you are following the 80/20 - content/advertisements correlation, which is among the do's and don'ts of social media for business.

10. Business Is Business

When you are at the beginning of your social media journey, it seems a bit normal to post data about your brand on your personal page. But after a while, you start mixing your private information and work. And this is completely inappropriate. Entering a company account, clients expect to find what they are searching for, and they aren’t really interested in what you had for breakfast today.

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10 don’ts of social media 

1. Don’t Show Yourself Needy

This one you have to remember once and for all because it’s the worst you can do in the do's and don'ts of social media marketing. Never ask users to “follow us back, please”, or “retweet our post”. It’s not a strategy. It only indicates your incompetence and inability to attract people naturally.

2. Don't Spam

Keeping your hand on the pulse, and reacting on time to the latest news, is a great strategy, but pay attention to balance. Oversharing the content or posting ten posts a day can be really annoying. Also, mass following of the random users, and self-promotion on every corner, isn’t a panacea. As they say, the measure is a treasure.

3. Don’t Hashtag Too Much

The next point in our do's and don’ts of social media list are hashtags. They can be instrumental, as they assist in being highlighted in topics that are relevant for you and organizing posts on your page. Don’t make hashtags from every word, and don’t add useless hashtags unrelated to your business.

4. Don’t Post the Same Content Everywhere

We know that creating absorbing content is complicated. But the problem of many companies is that they think that attaching the same posts across all the networks is a “that’s ok” thing. If you don’t have a resource to create completely opposed content, use these social media do's and don’ts for business and try to “remake” it in a different style.

5. Don’t Do Spelling Inaccuracies

There is no need to remind that orthography and grammar are the number one do's and don'ts of social media posting. Writing with spelling mistakes not only repels customers but also makes them wonder if you can’t make a text without errors then it is a question of whether you can be competent in other areas. First of all, it’s your reputation, and don’t let such a trifle ruin it.

6. Don’t Automate It All


Automation has penetrated all spheres of our life, and social media are an integral part of it. That is why, as an already technological product, social media needs this piece of humanity. Putting a robot on answering people’s comments and direct messages will likely make you less work, but nothing can replace real intercourse with an individual. It is one of the most controversial do's and don’ts of social media.

7. Don’t Share Without Fact-Checking

If you want to be an expert in the eyes of customers and followers, you have to become a useful source of information. Fact-checking is something that you should always do. This applies to any data from everyday posts to photos and videos shared by other users. Spreading the wrong information can turn off the buyers and display roughly on your brand image.

8. Don’t Be Homespun

In the pursuit of sales and to gain as many followers as possible, fresh marketers often begin to forget about the quality of the content they produce. Be prepared that social media do's and donts are a long run, and the trust and love of customers are the real value, which can save you in hard times.

9. Don’t Promote Your Personal Feelings

This rule applies to everything, and to a greater extent to politics. It is excellent to have political preferences, but this can weed out many potential audiences, who might not share your views. Moreover, politics is always a controversial topic for discussion, so if you don’t want to have unsolicited comments under each post, it is better not to touch this subject. 

10. Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

Let’s make it clear, a healthy dose of comparison for an objective assessment and understanding at what level you are now is necessary and can be very practical. But what we are talking about, in do's and don'ts social media, is your unique style and your own goals and expectations. Stop looking up to competitors all the time and go on your own particular path. 

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Eugene Koplyk
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I've witnessed the meteoric rise and evolution of social media platforms over the years. Having partnered with diverse businesses, I understand the critical role social media plays in shaping brand narratives. While the digital landscape constantly changes, the principles of effective social media strategy remain grounded in understanding your audience and the nuances of each platform.
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