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How is Magento Beneficial for eCommerce Business

What is Magento?

Magento is a platform for building eCommerce websites. Written in PHP, it uses multiple frameworks and can be easily scaled to any size. Its variety of plug-ins and themes contributes to the excellence of customer experience.

Why is it important for a business?

Thousands of merchants turn to Magento design agencies for websites. This eCommerce platform ensures customer-centric, engaging, multi-touch, integrated, and fully optimized experience for shoppers. The best decision for a fast, long-term online store.

Why should you choose it for an ecommerce project?

Magento guarantees online retailers get an adaptable shopping cart system, ensures control over their online store’s look, content, and functionality. It offers compelling marketing, search engine optimization, and catalog-management tools.

When do you need Magento Web Development

Over 200 000 companies have chosen Magento. It brought them over 60 billion dollars in revenue. If you want to take your business to the next level as well, consider running your website on the Magento eCommerce platform. Whenever you need a B2C or B2B eCommerce solution, no matter if you are an online first-timer or represent a digital-native brand, you will find it in a Magento web design agency.
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Technologies we use

magento 2
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Our approach


What can you expect from our Magento 2 Development Company

Save time and money

Hiring your own team is always pricier than partnering with a Magento Agency. Thus, you can avoid unnecessary hurdles and save up to 60% on development costs.

Top talent access

Magento outsourcing allows hiring even the rarest specialists if your project requires the involvement of some particular expertise. Your technology partner will provide the needed skill set.

Focus on business

Delegating all Magento development tasks, you remain involved in your business, and can dedicate enough time to core business activities.

How we helped our customers?

Our clients

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What Our Clients Say

Marketing Manager, RedJumpers Agency

Magento Migration & Web Optimization for Tech Co Network! Thanks to WiserBrand’s work, the admin panel’s loading time has decreased by 15%, and the end customer’s sales have grown by 7%. They excel at project management by providing updates and meeting deadlines. The team is responsive, proactive in communication, and dedicated to the project.

Chief Operations Officer, Swiftic

Website Development for Mobile App Publishing Solution! They turned a stalled project into a highly functional website that met internal expectations. Expect WiserBrand to establish a responsive partnership and offer useful field-specific advice. They can be counted on to meet deadlines.

Head of BD, Geomotiv Holdings

IT Staff Augmentation for Software Development Company! With WiserBrand’s help, the client has strengthened their development team, enabling them to complete tasks quickly. The provided resources seamlessly adapt to the client’s workflow, allowing for a smooth collaboration. Also, their technical expertise and communication skills have stood out.


Is Magento still used?

Yes, depending on the software product, small and large businesses still use Magento. It is one of the leading eCommerce development platforms with great scalability potential, advanced security in-built and wide customization opportunities.

Why is Magento better than others?

Magento isn’t the only eCommerce development platform available on the market. However, when carefully tailored to the project needs, it becomes significantly better than others. Some features that make Magento stand out are its content management system, suitability for both B2C and B2B, advanced opportunities for SEO promotion, diverse range of add-on tools, and reasonable cost.

Is Magento now called Adobe Commerce?

Yes, Magento is now called Adobe Commerce. Adobe bought Magento yet in 2018, and now it is a part of the Adobe ecosystem. After the acquisition, there have been three editions of Magento: Magento Open Source (a free platform for small eCommerce businesses); Adobe Commerce (cloud-based enterprise-level eCommerce development platform) and Adobe Commerce cloud which is the set of advanced eCommerce tools.

Is Magento good for small business?

Magento Open Source is suitable for a small business – unlike Adobe Commerce. The first offers free yet effective tools for eCommerce development, including page builder, catalog management, checkout, payment and shipping integrations, which are enough for a small eCommerce company. Adobe Commerce, in turn, is a more advanced platform with an extended feature list and requires technical knowledge and programming skills to use it efficiently.

Are you a Magento-certified partner?

Yes, WiserBrand is a Magento-certified web development agency. Our developers have successfully obtained Magento certifications and are well-versed in latest Magento development practices.