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magento speed optimization

Why is it crucial to have a fast website?

Better conversion rates

Slow eStores irritate customers and negatively affect conversions. To avoid this loss, businesses invest. The faster the website, the higher conversion rates.

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Improved SEO ranking

Site speed impacts directly on search rankings. Google will rank your website according to the user’s experience of interacting with it. Thus, your Magento store optimization will help stay visible in the search.

Decrease bounce rate

If your Magento store loads slowly, customers will bounce from it and never come back. So, when it comes to attracting and retaining customers, it’s a good idea to optimize your eStore.

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mobile optimized

Mobile friendly

Users browse on mobile more and more. That’s why Mobile user experience is a top priority for the Web. When your Magento website is optimized, it will benefit both mobile and desktop versions.

What hampers your Magento loading speed?

Poorly optimized visual content

Without a proper configuration images may slow down the loading time. Our Magento speed optimization service encompasses various techniques to speed up the content loading.

Slow server or free hosting

To reduce server response time we inspect the codebase. Our Magento performance optimization also includes choosing the right hosting and setting up server.

Third-party scripts

Jammed with too many elements, themes, extensions, add-ons, widgets, your Magento website adds slowdowns. With the speed optimization services, the extensions can be either removed or optimized.

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You will be able to compare the loading time improvement and its influence on visitors behaviour.

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