You don’t have to be Ukrainian to Support Ukraine. You just have to be Human

What happened Feb 24, 2022?

Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on Feb 24. But they didn’t expect to face such a strong defense from the whole Ukrainian nation. People got united within hours. Every Ukrainian felt that Cossack spirit inside and was ready to fight for our Freedom. And even though our homes are being destroyed and our lives cut short we are becoming stronger every day.

What do we want?

After our victory, we’ll rebuild the cities. We’ll rebuild the country. And waiting for this moment, we are motivated to work and pay taxes to support Ukrainian economics. The government encourages all businesses that can operate to do so and creates all the circumstances for their convenient work conditions.

Who we are

Ukrainians passed the test for humanity – within days or even hours, numerous volunteer organizations were formed to provide life-saving services to people in need across the country. Not to mention the international organizations that are helping us from day 1 and how much we appreciate every pack of food sent, every home able to host our fellow citizens, every cent sent to support our Army.

Our contribution

At WiserBrand, we also strive to help by every available means: сooking for refugees in Lviv, collecting money for public utility reps who rebuild our cities, sorting and packing at volunteer headquarters, and helping with animals transportation. Apart from volunteering, several men from our Company went to defend Ukraine on the battlefield. We buy medicines, food, body armor, drones, and helmets for Ukrainian Armed Forces. Our CEO sends packs of humanitarian aid from the USA by his own hands.

And can you imagine we can tell you only about our own actions. Imagine the amount of private companies in Ukraine that are doing the same – supporting our country when SHE needs us the most. Our clients also ask how to help Ukraine. One of our regular clients, a head of a Law Corporation, has donated $100 000 for child cardiologists in Lviv. People worldwide showed support for Ukraine and rushed to help temporarily displaced Ukrainians. No doubt plenty of you are looking to find ways to do your bit right now.

Ukrainian family
Ukrainian medics
humanitarian aid
From heart to heart
volunteering supplies
help for retiree in need
retiree in need
volunteer help
med aid
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Ukrainian soldier
working at bomb shelter
working at underground parking

If by any chance you are looking for ways to support Ukraine

We’ve gathered a list of variable actions. You can choose the most suitable one for you:

Become our client

Here at WiserBrand, we keep on working and serving our customers. Even when the evolving conflict made finding a safe workplace challenging, our specialists worked from bomb shelters, basements, and underground shelters. Surprisingly, this environment made us even more focused, productive, and positive.

You can become our client and contribute to the Ukranian economy as all of us continue to pay taxes no metter where we are.

Please, take a look at what we are capable of, perhaps we can help your business become a success and thus contribute to what we value the most.


Today you’ll find a huge amount of governmental, volunteering and charitable organisations that are helping our country to keep fighting for our Freedom and caring about Ukrainians that suffered from this war. We’ve tried to gather and categorise some for your convenience in case you want to help this way:

  • All categories
  • Humanitarian
  • Army
  • Medicine
  • Information

With Ukraine

The official humanitarian fund introduced by the Embassy of Ukraine in the United Kingdom after February 24, 2022

Ministry of Social Politics of Ukraine

The official page of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine to collect funds to help victims of Russian aggression

Ukrainian Red Cross

The Ukrainian Red Cross uses all funds raised to support victims, donate blood, mobilize volunteers and resources


A resource for sponsoring Ukrainian refugees who want to come to or are coming to the United States


The global charitable organisation UNICEF is collecting funds to help the children of Ukraine

Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Red Cross

A joint initiative of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Red Cross to financially support doctors who save the lives of civilians and military personnel


An organisation that helps with tactical medicine, medical equipment and medicine, and communications


The initiative of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi, which is aimed at collecting funds for three areas: the defense of Ukraine and its de-mining, medical assistance and the reconstruction of the country after the war


A charity with a narrow mission to provide the military only with protective equipment, the latest technology and access to educational training. Thanks to this organisation, our military will also have certain types of support after returning from the front


Provide targeted assistance to military units according to their needs (body armour, first-aid kits, helmets, sleeping bags, thermal imagers and many other things), as well as humanitarian aid to places where it is needed


This is a Ukrainian volunteer organization of doctors that help wounded soldiers on the battlefield, evacuate them to the hospital and help in rehabilitation. You can support the battalion from all over the world.

Military bonds of domestic government loans

Purchase of military obligations of internal government loans (OIGL). In fact, the government borrows money from you for its needs and undertakes to pay it back after a certain period of time with a certain percentage.

Follow the link and Join our International Battalion

If you feel that you are able to help Ukraine on the battlefield and have sufficient experience for this, join the International Battalion at the link

Fill out the form

You can also become a health worker on a voluntary basis. To do this, follow the link and fill out the request form.

Check the full information on the website of Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Become a health worker on a voluntary basis. Check the full information on the website of Ministry of Health of Ukraine

If you are a Journalist

If you are a journalist and want to be accredited to cover information in the war zone, read the Order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which contains all the necessary information regarding the procedure for accreditation and the media representative’s rules of work. The form for passing accreditation and e-mail addresses are contained in the order

Platform with real stories of real people

A platform contains a huge number of stories from different people. These are the stories of individuals about the impact of war on their lives, collected on one site, which has an English translation and contains a video instruction for use. People in the format of a personal diary talk about their experience of being under occupation, witnessing the destruction of their cities and their lives

President of Ukraine

Official website of the President of Ukraine

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (executive authority)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Parlament of Ukraine

The official website of the Verkhovna Rada – the parliament of Ukraine

This is the official website of Ukraine. The information is verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine


Security Service of Ukraine


Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine


The official channel of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi


National Police of Ukraine


State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine

@CenterCountering Disinformation

Center for countering disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine


Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Main Directorate of Investigation of Ukraine


Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security


State Border Service of Ukraine