of consumers
say customer support service is key in deciding whether to make a purchase
of customers
likely to return to companies that offer excellent service
of customers
likely to recommend the brand after a single positive experience
of consumers
think skilled service representatives are detrimental to a positive experience

Customer Support Services

Customer support auditing
Establishment process
Customer service outsourcing
CC representatives training

Our Customer Service and Support workflow

Step 1

Holistic сustomer support services for your current and potential clientele

Customer communication

From the first website visit to the post-purchase experience, we build a dependable presence and communication to address and assist your customers every step of the way.

General Inquiries

We strive to provide customers with information related to the shopping experience as promptly as possible, like business hours, discounts, delivery expectancy and more, also informing consumers about the brand itself.

Product Information

Our team is trained to provide buyers with accurate information about product specifications, detailed item descriptions, instructions, formulas, pricing, etc.

Step 2

Tracking your customers’ orders from an estimated shipping date to arrival

Ordering options

We put in the effort to guarantee smooth order experience, verifying customer data, methods of payment and delivery options, sending out confirmations, as well as getting in touch via call to help them complete the order and address issues.

Billing Queries

The team is there to ensure timely purchasing support, providing comprehensive billing query managing services for those experiencing issues or answering inquiries in regards to the payment process.

Order Tracking

We handle the delivery inquiries by identifying their order status (delivery updates & notifications), addressing customer concerns, helping support a safe and timely transfer of products from warehouses to customers, and more.

Step 3

Effectively addressing critical inquiries and mitigating issues

Consumer Dissatisfaction

We provide customers with support regarding complaints about the received goods, whether they report inadequate quality or order contents mishaps, and aid in fixing these types of issues to improve their experience.

Returns Processing

The team is capable of handling customer dissatisfaction through effective support and communication throughout the returns processing, minimizing negative impressions and long-term effects for your eCommerce business.

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Why Outsource Your Customer Service to WiserBrand

Fast project setup

It usually takes us less than 72 hours to start actively working on a new project.

A well-established hiring process

This is absolutely crucial to help you score the best human resources on the market.

Well-structured workflow and team

We’re aiming for the performance and consistent improvement of the outsourced support team, basing our suggestions on actual metrics and data.

Customer Data Protection Policy

Our work processes are complacent with GDPR and CCPA guidelines, to protect your consumer’s personal information.

Quality Assurance is a must in our process

We’re staying on top of the activity in your Outsourced Customer Support department and introducing Quality Assurance specialists to provide regular reporting and make sure that your customers are truly satisfied.

Ability to adjust the working space

The support team is able to use either your custom CRM or any of those offered on the market for your convenience.

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