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eCommerce customer support outsourcing is here to aid you in creating a well-rounded and highly satisfactory client service experience, allowing any brand to establish a loyal customer base to achieve long-term revenue growth.

Our certifications

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Customer Support Services

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Сustomer care

We are a knowledgeable, friendly, and professional team ready to exceed your customers’ expectations and resolve most issues at first contact.

Ecommerce Magento Customer Support

Technical Support

We will be a guiding light through any complicated process, troubleshooting issues in the fastest, most cost-effective way.

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Customer Success

Customer satisfaction is the base of our operation. We not only reply to queries but make sure customers are successful with your product.

Reasons to work with us

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Any stage

We can take up perfect customer support service at any stage of business, being fully integrable with any team structure.

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Omnichannel support

Our customer support services immediate response through all channels: email, phone, live chat, and social media. Every day of the year.

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Effective approach

Our carefully-structured decision-making and delegation model allows us to avoid backlogs of queries and complaints.

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Adjustable team

Our functions are unlimited: we can implement CRM or administration, build a knowledge base, monitor quality of support or process feedback.

Our Customer Service and Support workflow

When we set up a Support unit from scratch:

Learn your knowledge base, documentation, cases

Estimate an approximate amount of requests per day or month

Design team structure with a framework of roles

Cooperate with a coordinator from the your side, learn details

Test communication with your customers via emails

Based on Agile policies, analyze feedback and adjust our approach

Set up teamwork and processes, gradually involving chats and calls

Conduct two-month training for the team and assess performance

Work independently

When we cooperate with an already existing team:

We get technical requirements

Study your procedures and business processes

We get calls records to learn and analyze use cases

Consult with a coordinator from your side

Train 3-5 days and start working

Back office solutions

Back office processing

We will stand behind your business processes whenever you need a backup: administration, billing, management, financing, operational activity — everything but business strategy, goals, etc.

Service renewals

For a perfect customer experience, prevent any unwanted service interruption. Get the existing subscriptions/services renewed without any hassle for customers with the help of our Customer Care team.

Claims and refunds processing

Upon your customer’s request, we can issue a refund, change a payment method, or adjust billing details. We also check suspicious and fraudulent transactions. Working with customers’ complaints, our agents collect all details, investigate, and offer solutions to an issue a customer may face. We also monitor claims statistics to stress the pitfalls and recommend how to eliminate them. Our agents categorize the issues, retrieve the preconditions causing every particular type of issue, and work on protocols to speed up the resolution.

Data entry

In a data-driven world, data entry is one of all companies’ crucial activities. You can delegate this routine to our specialists. We will turn the raw data into compatible, user-friendly data storing systems with different access levels and guarantee proper operation.

Database management

If you are interested in database management for your business data systems, our specialists will ensure the data-driven applications or software shows their best performance. We will also maintain, track efficiency, and keep it secure.

General research

We train our specialists to handle all general queries your customers ask. Based on the knowledge of your industry, our agents will conduct research and go the extra mile to resolve the issues your customers may face.

Orders processing

Our agents can place orders or cancel and refund them. Upon customer’s request, adjust the details like shipping, billing information, recipient name. We will also troubleshoot any issues, merge or upgrade/downgrade the orders.

SaaS management

We can install software, adjust it or renew, track performance, maintain and report bugs. This service also includes checking efficiency, billing issues, risks, and preventing vulnerabilities. Addressing customers’ requests, we will troubleshoot their issues and cover all inquiries about their subscriptions or pre-selling stage questions.

Survey processing

We will collect surveys from stakeholders into one system to determine if the product meets customers’ expectations. This allows to evaluate the performance, find bottlenecks and define the areas for improvement.

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