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Magento Theme Development

What is this service about?

Whether you want to customize your current design, convert a desired mockup into code, or build a unique theme from scratch – Magento theme development services meet these goals.

What does it mean?

Magento themes development and customization means turning your creative ideas into smoothly performing designs on your Magento store. Appealing to your target audience, your web store will look just like you need.

Why is it important for the business?

Whichever type of business you run, custom Magento theme development will:
  • Enhance shopping experience as it is micro-targeted to your audience
  • Distinguish your store among the marketplace, creating your unique niche
  • Suit your SEO needs, contributing to more traffic and higher conversions
  • Ensure easy store handling, compatibility, upgradability, and effortless maintenance

What problems does the Custom Magento Theme Development service solve?

Your customers face pitfalls with the shopping experience, slow and unresponsive pages. With Magento custom theme development, the site pages will become lighter, and the site will speed up.

An unrecognizable look or inconsistent Magento theme design doesn’t reflect your brand. Customized themes will take you to a new level. All components will complement each other and build an overall picture of your store.
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Our approach


What are Magento 2 Custom Theme features?

Flexibility and control

You get ​​full authority over how the website looks and functions. You are a designer and a creator of your own site. Customizing Magento themes, you keep only the functionality essential for your store.

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front-end customization

Front-end customization

Design is more than just an attractive appearance. It will be reinforced by interpreting heat maps, analyzing user data, and conducting surveys and polls of your current customers.

PWA theme Development

Magento’s PWA allows building a theme from scratch that doesn’t depend on the inherited parent theme as other standard Magento themes. With the ready-made modules, a new theme for your store will load fast, have push notifications, provide an app-like experience, and work offline.

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Why us

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Easy to manage

We handle the team to ensure the convenience of communication with the technical staff and ensure everyone rallies around the same vision.
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Our Magento theme development services earned the customers’ trust. WiserBrand features awards from Clutch, Goodfirms, Adobe, and other platforms.
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Adapted to your needs

At WiserBrand, we handpick specialists in producing or customizing Magento themes according to your requirements.

How we helped our customers?

growth in sales
increases in reach
increases in post-campaigns conversion
growth in organic traffic
increases in sales
Top 10
in results on SERPs website ranks
increase in new buyers
lift in purchases
cost per purchase through Facebook Ads

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