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What’s behind Magento website security?

What is this service about?

Magento’s popularity comes with high security risks. It is possible to install Magento 2 security patches on your own. Still, it poses a new risk – your business may remain vulnerable. Incorrect installation will not protect your website. To reduce the degree of vulnerability, companies turn to Magento security company.

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What does it mean?

Keeping open-source software such as the Magento protected from hackers is one of the toughest challenges. If you want to save the website and customers’ data, consider Magento security service. It involves creating backups, running scans, checking for known vulnerabilities, and enhancing overall Magento platform security.

Why is it important
for the business?

Neglecting Magento security puts your eCommerce business in danger. External attacks, spamming, fishing, negligent admin users’ activities are among the most common cyber threats. Such security break-ins may heavily affect store performance, customer trust, and, as a result, significant loss in revenue.

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What eCommerce security challenges Magento solve

Credit card hijacking

Attackers can inject malicious code into the web browsers of your eStore visitors to steal credit card data. To prevent it, a Magento security expert will apply the latest patch, review and secure admin users, identify and remove unknown scripts.

Reputation collapse

A security breach can destroy the reputation of an eCommerce business and devastate a company financially. Thus, every eStore should add a security extension, use 2FA, stay up to date with Magento security patches, use an SSL, and cooperate with a reliable hosting provider. If the process seems daunting, opt for Magento security services.

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Why turn to a Magento security company?


Eliminate all possible internal and external security issues covering all Magento eCommerce security needs

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Save your income due to timely preventing unwanted login attempts and other malicious attacks.


Secure data by expertly managing user permissions and advanced password settings

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Improve store management performance with real-time visibility of all admin users activities

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Why hire a Security expert for Magento from us?

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Seamless experience

Our Magento website security engineers install security patches without downtime and won’t affect your eStore performance.
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Latest tech trends

Our certified experts keep monitoring the latest security trends and patch releases to keep your website updated with the latest security measures.
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Easy to manage

We assign a dedicated account manager to every project to handle the team for your convenience. The collaboration is smooth and easy for both parties.

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Our clients say

Marketing Manager, RedJumpers Agency

Magento Migration & Web Optimization for Tech Co Network! Thanks to WiserBrand’s work, the admin panel’s loading time has decreased by 15%, and the end customer’s sales have grown by 7%. They excel at project management by providing updates and meeting deadlines. The team is responsive, proactive in communication, and dedicated to the project.

Head of BD, Geomotiv Holdings

IT Staff Augmentation for Software Development Company! With WiserBrand’s help, the client has strengthened their development team, enabling them to complete tasks quickly. The provided resources seamlessly adapt to the client’s workflow, allowing for a smooth collaboration. Also, their technical expertise and communication skills have stood out.

Chief Operations Officer, Swiftic

Website Development for Mobile App Publishing Solution! They turned a stalled project into a highly functional website that met internal expectations. Expect WiserBrand to establish a responsive partnership and offer useful field-specific advice. They can be counted on to meet deadlines.