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do thorough research on the web before purchasing
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used content marketing as their main source of lead generation
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Our Well-aimed content marketing Services

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Content development
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SEO content optimization
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Visual content marketing
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Content marketing strategy

Our Well-aimed content marketing workflow

Step 1

3-step checklist to make your content strategy attract sales:

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Know who you need to reach

Defining your business’s market niche and understanding the potential for customers in that area allows your brand to grow in the most beneficial direction.

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Sales segmentation analysis

We help you develop separate marketing approaches that target specific groups of consumers with varying needs, interests, budgets and other attributes.

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Custom competitor analysis

Identifying your core competition empowers us to evaluate their strategies to determine areas of opportunity for your business.

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Platform and format analysis

Determining which web platforms and types of content are most suitable for promoting your brand online.

Step 2

Attract new audiences interested in buying

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Product copywriting

Highlight the strengths of your product and set yourself apart from the competition with informative unique product descriptions.

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Visual content creation for socials and websites

Follow up your posts and website content with engaging visuals that play up your brand.

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Establishing and growing blogs

As blogs have been proven to attract higher volumes of traffic with minimal financial effort on business’s part, WiserBrand lends our experience to build and grow your own from point zero.

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SEO-friendly page content creation

By following a custom-built SEO strategy for your website content, you’re able to comply with Google’s recommendations and get further up in search ranking faster.

Step 3

Engage your following to purchase consistently

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Content strategy development

Grow your presence and expertise online to motivate the existing following to buy, and reach out to the new prospective customers.

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Personalized messages to your target audience

Knowing your target audience becomes a strong foundation for choosing specific types of content with the right tone of voice and sales triggers.

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Social media account curation & management

WiserBrand’s content marketing specialists are highly competent in planning out your feed and interacting with your following in a way that motivates them to take interest in your product.

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Data-driven content creation

Tweaking the long-term content strategy along with the engagement metrics and the effectiveness of your brand’s previous social media posting.

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What makes our Content Marketing different?


With a focus on quality over quantity, WiserBrand experts develop the voice of your brand using strategically designed content. The content we produce is based on analytics and data. To yield traffic and conversion to your business, we explore not only what to churn out but how and when.

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Sales-focused approach

As our work is largely dedicated to only e-Commerce platforms and businesses, content strategies are built with a unified purpose in mind – to bring you more sales and revenue. This allows us to prioritize tasks that are cost-effective, and reach your brand’s goals faster.

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Clear and effective communication

One of our main beliefs is that building trusting relationships and providing opportunities for open discussions in light of important updates is key to effective project progression, while comprehensive reports allow you to stay on the same page with the team.

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Trial-based attitude to trends

Our Content Marketing specialists keep up with all new happenings that could suggest new and effective custom options for advertising – but only continue with the ones that actually prove to be successful, making sure that we don’t experiment at your budget’s expense.

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Prioritizing your safety

In the current digital marketing landscape, speculative services and tools are everywhere. WiserBrand takes extreme caution to never endanger your platforms and possibly subject them to lasting penalties, and also keeps all project-related activities transparent for your peace of mind.

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WiserBrand is a powerhouse of unique, informative, and engaging content. We know how to craft and edit your copy to make sure the final product is impeccable. We develop SEO-focused and customer-centric content to magnetize your audience and pack your content full of value in the “eyes” of Google.

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What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a specific sub-category of general marketing practices, usually involving the creation, publishing, and distribution of content with the goal to influence the audience to purchase a product or a service. A well-made content strategy will also help you increase customer loyalty to your brand, get more potential buyers to click on your business’s website, differentiate you from the competition, and highlight the product’s strengths. To ensure that you get the most out of hiring a content marketing specialist, you need to define your eCommerce business’s main and long-term stretch goals, which is crucial to keep in mind when creating a custom roadmap for working on your brand’s content. In general, “content” can mean anything that you put out on the web – videos, articles, photos, interactive posts, free learning materials, website page contents, and anything in between, regardless of the form and intention.

Why is content marketing important?

Content marketing is a great way to expand businesses of any scope, but it is especially beneficial to smaller brands that are starting out, or have specific budget constraints. It is a relatively inexpensive option among other marketing practices, and a smart content strategy can actively improve on several business goals:

  • Giving your product identity and increasing brand awareness;
  • Achieving higher click-through rates; Highlighting your strong points and helping with sales;
  • Forming an expert image;
  • Optimizing the website to rank higher on SERP’s; Reaching a bigger audience of relevant consumers – and more.

The content on your brand’s website or social media is literally the frontline of your business’s interaction with the potential buyer, which makes it crucial to capture their interest and trust from the get-go. eCommerce platforms tend to face a high level of competition when it comes to securing leads through organic research, either through search engines or social media, which makes it imperative to provide quality content for the visitor to convert into a customer.

What is a content marketing strategy?

Developing a content marketing strategy may seem like a daunting task, and in truth – CM specialists are crucial when it comes to creating an effective roadmap for your brand. Our company is consistent about taking the data-based approach because accurate predictions on what’s going to work best for your eCommerce business require a good factual basis. Otherwise, without testing and evidence, you bet your marketing budget on a guess, which means that any digital marketing agency guaranteeing you fast and significant results isn’t trustworthy. As for the content strategy itself, the process usually includes the following steps:

  • Research – analyzing your business, the market and audience, forming a portrait of the goal customer
  • Planning – setting objectives and mapping out the strategy
  • Creating and tweaking – creating the content relevant to your goals and optimizing it
  • Promoting and distributing – pushing that content through all available channels that are relevant for your goals
  • Analysis – looking at the metrics and analyzing how effective the campaign was
How does content marketing work?

An experienced content marketing specialist is good at playing on people’s psychology of consumption. They know what makes potential buyers gravitate towards certain brand’s content, and feel distrust towards others. When content is pretty much the first thing that customers go off of when either scrolling through social media posts or deliberately researching a particular product, making sure that what they see is effective at selling becomes your eCommerce brand’s main objective.

How does content marketing drive sales?

Actually, content marketing helps generate leads in more ways than you probably think. For instance, if an Instagram user that fits the target demographic comes across your business’s posts, and they’ve been created in a way that actively captures attention and succeeds at convincing the audience to buy, that’s going to make them click on your profile and likely go shop on your website. If a prospective customer is using Google search with the intent of researching and purchasing the type of product your brand sells, it’s the content on the first page they’re opening that’s going to either win them over or cause to look for options elsewhere.

Why use content marketing?

A better question would be – why not? It’s just unreasonable to overlook such a powerful tool that fulfills many purposes and objectives, while also saving you quite a bit of budget in comparison with some of the other marketing options. Content marketing is very accommodating towards more restricted budgets and helps you diversify your brand’s promotional efforts to achieve growth in several aspects of your eCommerce business. It is also a long-term improvement – after investing in creating good content, it’s there to generate sales for as long as the page or the post is live.

What is a content marketing manager?

There’s an important distinction between content marketing specialists and content managers, although they do definitely share a lot of similarities. Think of it this way: the content marketing expert is the one mapping out your business’s needs and objectives, as well as generating ideas on how to reach them. On the contrary, the content manager is generally not planning ahead and developing strategies, instead focusing on creating the content within those pre-existing guidelines, also publishing and distributing the finished product.

How to measure the effectiveness of content marketing?

The ultimate goal of any content marketing campaign is pretty much always the same – positively influence the business’s sales and raise the revenue, but there are many intermediate objectives that contribute towards it. Some of the content marketing goals’ progress is easier to track than others, but generally, there is a variety of tools that help experts in charge of your eCommerce business’s objectives track how well the content is doing. There are options to observe which platforms work best for generating leads, and which posts and promotions did better than others.

Why invest in content marketing?

Generally speaking, content marketing is one of the most customizable and flexible promotional options out there, as you can do as little or as much as you feel comfortable within the boundaries of your brand’s budget. Although tools like paid article submissions are very effective at growing your eCommerce business, they can add up in price. However, there are countless options for getting your content out there without paying a hefty price, and once you’ve invested in things like copywriting for your website’s pages, they’re there to help you generate leads for an unlimited time.

How much does content marketing cost?

Content marketing services are highly customizable, and depending on your business’s budget and the size of your platform, the price can vary dramatically – the general range for small to medium businesses is $2,000 to $10,000. Some brands actively invest in ad campaigns, influencer marketing, and paid article submissions, which also requires a skilled content marketing specialist, but those are not required to have a successful campaign and have an influx of leads ready to make a purchase.

Content marketing services are an underestimated tool to aid you in bringing in more sales through your platforms

As social media users consume more and more content daily, doing their research thoroughly on the internet before deciding on what to purchase, progressive businesses are catching up to this upward trend by putting more unique content out there.

However, the biggest goal for small business content marketing is making sure that your business’s content is effective at selling, meaning that your efforts are directly contributing to the brand’s revenue. Unfortunately, posting regularly or seeking out trendy topics is just not enough: chances are, you need an experienced content marketing specialist to build that custom strategy for your eCommerce business

How do we define content marketing?

Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves creating, publishing, and further distributing custom content aimed at indirectly promoting a brand – that includes videos, photos, articles, social media posts, website content, and more. The content itself should ideally be relevant, helpful to the user, high in quality, and effective at selling your product.

Digital content marketing is an invaluable resource for businesses of all scopes: it’s a relatively inexpensive way to raise your engagement, build up brand image, establish trust with your customers, help with search engine optimization and even convince the visitor to make that purchase.

60% of users reported that they won’t buy from a brand with poorly written or non-personalized content, and eCommerce platforms with blogs show 128% higher lead growth than websites that don’t – evidently, customers do notice the quality of what businesses put out there

Content can positively affect your SEO practices

Google search algorithms – although most search engines have implemented a similar system – tend to push websites and pages that have content deemed user-friendly and helpful to the visitor by their AI.

Therefore, when working on creating content for your eCommerce business, content marketing experts would try to stick to those general guidelines, as the algorithm determines where your website ranks on search results pages, which directly affects the number of visitors and, consequently, sales.

Moreover, a great user experience not only increases your brand’s chances of ranking high on SERPs but also helps you gain loyalty from buyers who value a smooth purchasing process

How a well thought out content marketing plan can change the game

It’s often difficult to determine where to begin when you’re faced with a big project like building product pages for your business’s website – that’s where online content marketing specialists step in.

Setting up the content marketing process can be difficult without the general sense of what your goal is, and even if you have those objectives ready, not knowing the best tools, tips, and approaches to create what you’re ultimately going to publish can significantly stifle that growth.

However, if you’ve found the right content marketing expert for your brand, the possibilities are endless – your content marketing campaigns will engage, motivate to share that content for free promotion, push visitors towards making that purchase, and form a clear identity of your business to make your brand known.