Our client is a large and highly-rated US furniture retailer. The business started 6 years ago in New York and has expanded worldwide since then.

They sell all kinds of furniture at wholesale prices. Committed to absolute customer satisfaction, the online retailer is constantly growing its online inventory. Consistent improvement and client experience are something that this furniture retailer cares about most. As a result, shoppers can find exactly what they want among thousands of items and get their furniture delivered to their doorstep, wherever they are.

The results we are proud of

  • 28%

    increase in revenue

  • 8,4%

    decrease in bounce rate

  • 62%

    client base growth

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Business Challenge

11 Seconds of a Painfully Slow Website Loading Time

The furniture platform’s performance needed thorough improvement. At time, the page load speed reached over 11 seconds. These delays caused the traffic and conversion rates to drop. Moreover, the existing product configuration and descriptions were not enough to win the market competition and keep the customers.

Looking for outside specialists to improve their online store, the US furniture retailer turned to us with a request to come up with a system that can handle a large stock of items quickly and efficiently.

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Half a Second Record-high Page Loading

WiserBrand experts analyzed the environment and found the issues in its performance. Once fixed, the online store page loading time was reduced from 11 to 0.5 seconds. The client was satisfied with the results and decided to continue our cooperation. 

As a result, the task to improve performance evolved to a wider scope, requiring a much larger team that now totals 25 specialists. For 3 years, we’ve been improving the system further and exploring new ways to make managing the business even more convenient and efficient for our client.

Our team has built a unique infrastructure for the online furniture platform, as well as modified the whole development process with the Agile approach.

We’ve addressed the lack of usability and applied step-by-step transformations

  • Configured the load distribution to decrease the loading speed for customers all over the globe, and to easily manage high peaks in sales if any critical load spike/issue arises. Now a failure of one component won’t mean failure of the entire system.
  • Reinvented product search logic, their display, and ranking. Implementation of a search engine that allows effective and accurate searches. Error correction, synonyms, search, attractive UI, and many more included.
  • Constant detection and elimination of vulnerabilities. We ensured real-time monitoring for website security. On top of that, our specialists employ timely patching of software to eliminate all possible vulnerabilities.
  • Our experts set up caching to boost the online retailer’s website performance and decrease the load on the system. We’ve chosen dependable and secure software ideal for this purpose. We’d also examined the website, and adjusted values specified in their configurations to achieve drastically better results.
Speed Improvement Scheme

Even a 1-second improvement turns into thousands of dollars. Daily.





Apache Zookeeper











Varnish Software








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Client feedback

We were looking to accelerate our developments efforts and access new talent. With Wiserbrand we got all that plus a ton of flexibility for a good price.

Director, Corporate Innovation

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