Our partner is a network of specialized shops selling coffee equipment and coffee from the world’s leading producers. Founded in 1997, the purveyor of the finest swiss coffee embodies the coffee culture in Europe. The coffee house offers only the best and most reliable equipment, proved by thousands of satisfied customers.

  • 200%

    Revenue growth a year

Business Challenge

The passion for delivering the best possible coffee experience allowed the coffee retailer to increase its profits over the years. But being preoccupied with the coffee quality and customer service, our partner had no spare time to iron out their digital marketing.

The website lacked authority and relevance in search engines. Low quality and irrelevant links damaged traffic. Search results didn’t display this coffee seller’s website for the keywords their target audience usually used. In an increasingly competitive marketplace missing out on a customized marketing strategy affected their equipment sales.


To tackle this challenge, we came up with multi-layered tactics. It involved the following components:

Semantics and content optimization

  • Handled competitors audits, evaluated impact they make
  • Collected a semantic core out of 1800 queries
  • Enriched the structure of the site, added an engaging blog
  • Created captivating, industry-specific blog posts
  • Optimized categories and metatags, created templates for products

Infrastructure technical enhancement

  • Fixed robots.txt file for search engine crawling
  • Consolidated duplicates and set up canonical pages
  • Set up 301 redirect to display moved pages correct
  • Covered all structured data needs on the website
  • Fixed crawl errors and broken links
  • Installed SSL
  • Increased page speed
  • Fixed mistakes in implementing Hreflang
  • Improved Core Web Vitals: LCP and CLS
  • Additional SEO boost: Deindexed low-quality and thin content; Performed SEO site audit; Introduced circular linking, a better pattern of backlinks

Inbound linking production

  • Identified growth opportunities within the competitive landscape
  • Bought quality backlinks
  • Pumped links through level 2 links

User Experience improvement

  • Introduced changes based on split testing
  • Mapped design weaknesses
  • Updated product cards

Additional work on the project

  • Implemented various scripts: an availability checking, quality indicator, GDN placement cleaning
  • Launched dynamic remarketing campaign
  • Scaled advertising to all relevant cities


Clients started to find their way to the website organically. Right keywords dramatically increased the coffee house’s position and built exposure. Faster loading and enhanced security contributed to the conversion increase.

All these pieces fit together helped to get a stronger foothold within the coffee equipment industry. The company reported that their revenue has more than doubled.

  • 67.5%

    Per year Free Traffic

  • 46%

    Keywords in TOP-10

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