Coffee House is a network of specialized shops selling coffee equipment and coffee from the world’s leading producers. Founded in 1997, the purveyor of the finest swiss coffee embodies the coffee culture in the Eastern region of Ukraine. Coffee House offers only the best and most reliable equipment, proved by thousands of satisfied customers. Moreover, another team from WiserBrand has implemented a powerful SEO-related project, which resulted in client’s continued growth.

Business Challenge

Against the backdrop of the increasing website visibility, the retailer’s existing paid search structure was underdeveloped compared to competitors. So, the company needed a strategic and targeted digital advertising policy to increase its coffee machine market share.

  • 0.38-1.01%

    Conversions number

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We rolled out a broad-span strategy that involved three stages:

Stage 1. Preparation

  • Conducted comprehensive User Experience audit
  • Compiled a list of improvements and fixes related to: Shopping cart; Order completion; Phone number reporting for abandoned carts
  • Verified the website optimization
  • Prepared advertising, remarketing, GDN campaigns

Stage 2. Launch

Launched campaigns for Google search results:

  • Set up Google Ads rotation for priority models of equipment
  • Arranged Dynamic advertising eliminating competition by models
  • Expanded reach with GDN keyword campaigns
  • Launched GDN campaigns based on customers’ interests
  • Set up Google Shopping ads for coffee machine models

Stage 3. Review and intensification

  • Launched advertising through comparison sites
  • Enabled call tracking for additional analysis
  • Increased budget allocation for some conversion keywords
  • Improved landing pages quality
  • Enhanced ads quality
  • Expanded list of advertised products
  • Hypothesized and tested equipment purchase depending on: Day of the month; Time of day; Weekday
  • Added various scripts


As Coffee House’s marketing partner, we overhauled UX and set up granular and flexible campaigns. Well-thought-out advertising resulted in a huge boost in conversion volume while the average cost per lead was nearly cut in half.

We hit ambitious targets by utilizing the latest and most innovative Paid Search strategies:

  • 4,712

    Conversions number

  • x2

    Conversion rate

  • 30%

    Average CPC

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