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magento multistore

What’s in Magento Multiple stores functionality?

What is this service about?

Multiple store environment is one of the most valuable features of the online selling industry. It allows building several virtual shops managed from a single Magento dashboard.

What does it mean?

Magento multi store powerful admin experience and advanced tools enable you to cater to all customer types. Each shop can serve a specific purpose or audience.

Why is it important for the business?

With Magento multi stores, you can take your business to the next level. If you strive to expand globally or separate B2B from B2C, Multistore scalability and flexibility is the answer.

When do you need to set up a multi-store?

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If you plan to create a multiple-language store, Magento 2 multistore function is particularly built for businesses that sell in various countries or handle multiple brands.
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Single admin panel management

You can manage all stores through a single platform. Мagento 2 multiple stores setup allows your websites to share the same backend.
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Easy to scale

Magento 2 multiple stores facility comes with easy scaling. Adding fresh stores, or categories and catalogs becomes super easy.

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What can you expect from Magento 2 Multistore

One administrative panel

In contrast to a single e-shop where one panel controls just one site, Magento 2 MultiStore allows to create and launch multiple websites with a central dashboard.

admin panel

targeting options

Diversification in targeting options

Magento 2 Multistore allows using multiple virtual retails, which can be beneficial for targeting. Merchants can target each customer base efficiently.

Providing more
space for multiple vendors

Merchants obtain space on their website for multiple vendors, positively impacting traffic and sales with Magento 2 Multistore feature.

multiple vendors

multilingual websites

Host multilingual websites

To expand the client’s base and successfully target international markets, Magento 2 Multistore opens opportunities to set up and control multilingual websites..

Create Magento Multi Store with WiserBrand

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Experienced Team

We have an impressive record in Magento multistore development. Our experts’ Magento skills are validated through certification.

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Latest tech

We fully understand the changing landscape of technology and will ensure that your estore uses best practices.

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Ease in control

The user-friendly backend we build allows staying in control of your eCommerce platform.

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We understand the components your website needs to sell effectively and strive to meet your revenue targets.

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We work with you step-by-step with systematic focus and strategic insights to deliver results with no excess expenses.

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We keep your site extra secure, setting up multiple stores with backup and within a safe environment.

How we helped our customers?

growth in sales
increases in reach
increases in post-campaigns conversion
growth in organic traffic
increases in sales
Top 10
in results on SERPs website ranks
increase in new buyers
lift in purchases
cost per purchase through Facebook Ads

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