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Why do you need to outsource Magento development

What is this service about?

A platform of choice for over 250,000 companies worldwide, Magento is flexible and scalable, still sophisticated. Thus, it requires specialist knowledge, which an internal team does not usually have.

What does it mean?

If you need nothing less than a perfect eStore, a Magento outsourcing partner can provide a pool of experts with diverse skills. An all-inclusive, turnkey Magento service will cover every aspect of your Magento project.

Why is it important for the business?

Businesses outsource Magento service to design, maintain and update their online stores. As a result, they get better project outcomes and enhanced turnaround time.

Why do businesses outsource Magento development?

Reduce costs. It’s cheaper to hand technical work to experts rather than hiring and training an in-house team. Thus, Magento outsourcing services work as a cost-cutting tool.

Improve the existing platform. Businesses outsource Magento experts when their stores require new functionality for their plugins, new extensions, more layers of security, or integration with any CRM or ERP.

Create a new eStore. The right technology vendor is crucial when creating a Magento solution from scratch, configuring all its modules, installing templates, and ensuring security and performance optimization.
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Technologies we use

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require js
vue js
css and html

How does outsourcing a Magento project work?



We carefully research the information you provided, structure it and define the technology to accomplish your business goals.
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We define which strategy will suit your business most, select a technology stack – programming language, frameworks, CMS that you’re going to use.
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Form concept

Here we define product usability, develop a sitemap and rough mock-ups. We show how the solution will perform with all possible flows.
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Build and test

We proceed with coding. Here most of the functionality is developed, the software gets built, and code goes through testing.
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Once everything is tested and approved, we upload your eSore to a server. Now customers can buy from you online.
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The “delivery” is not the end. At this stage, we check if end-users have any issues and perform maintenance and updates.
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Checking if the software meets requirements and fits the purpose, we evaluate overall performance and make adjustments. It’s time to fine-tune and optimize your eStore.
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What can you expect from Outsourced Coding for Magento

Risk reduction

Outsourcing Magento development can be a great pick to have a safe and sound experience with your online store. Instead of spending your resources on building your team, you can reach out to experienced specialists. They become your proof of reliability – you won’t lose the game.

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Enhanced output

Magento outsourcing opens the door to your beautiful and complicated website. It assumes clean coding, a creative approach, and sticking to deadlines. All that comes from practical experience and knowledge that derive from our successful Magento outsource projects.

Our clients

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Outsourcing Magento Development to Experts

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We focus on your business and your goals. We strive to add value and reduce lost time and effort. We are accountable, responsive, and flexible.
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Easy to manage

We assign a dedicated account manager to every project to handle the team for your convenience. The collaboration is smooth and easy for both parties.
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We follow Magento standards and best industry practices. At the same time, your requirements are at the center of what we do.

How we helped our clients

Our clients say

Marketing Manager, RedJumpers Agency

Magento Migration & Web Optimization for Tech Co Network! Thanks to WiserBrand’s work, the admin panel’s loading time has decreased by 15%, and the end customer’s sales have grown by 7%. They excel at project management by providing updates and meeting deadlines. The team is responsive, proactive in communication, and dedicated to the project.

Head of BD, Geomotiv Holdings

IT Staff Augmentation for Software Development Company! With WiserBrand’s help, the client has strengthened their development team, enabling them to complete tasks quickly. The provided resources seamlessly adapt to the client’s workflow, allowing for a smooth collaboration. Also, their technical expertise and communication skills have stood out.

Chief Operations Officer, Swiftic

Website Development for Mobile App Publishing Solution! They turned a stalled project into a highly functional website that met internal expectations. Expect WiserBrand to establish a responsive partnership and offer useful field-specific advice. They can be counted on to meet deadlines.


How many types of Magento outsourcing?

You can outsource your Magento development according to any of three engagement models. There is a fixed price contract, which as the name suggests, is a software development service that the company delivers for a fixed fee. Time and material contract means paying for the development services depending on the actuarial time and resources used. A dedicated development team contract, in turn, implies hiring a cross-functional team for a complex project development from scratch.

As for the use cases of each contract type, you can choose a fixed price contract if your Magento project is highly predictable. Time and material engagement model is a better choice for Magento store migration since legacy code can sometimes be headache-adding. A dedicated development team model is the wise choice for enterprise-level Magento development.

How much does it cost to outsource Magento development?

The cost of Magento development outsourcing largely depends on your project specifics and the type of the contract you have chosen. Fixed-price contracts usually have the most competitive cost, while hiring a dedicated development team is the highest-priced option.