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Magento CMS is one of the best e-commerce platform available today. Over 250 000 online stores around the globe choose Magento for its high level of usability and customization. Magento website development grants online stores significant control over the website’s settings, appearance, functionality, and content. Magento is open source and agile. Open source technology means the coding can be easily shared and modified. Magento uses an object-oriented PHP Framework, which is used to develop modern, dynamic web applications and works with the MySQL database. Magento can help businesses adapt and thrive within a global e-commerce ecosystem.

Magento web development with WiserBrand offers:

  • Flexible price range.
  • A significant increase in the number of mobile visitors, as an online store set-up on the Magento platform is compatible with any mobile device.
  • Access to many helpful, customized and tested extensions.
  • Multiple ways of payment for customers.
  • Fast and efficient ways of searching for the needed products.
  • Utilization of SEO filters, a customizable sitemap, optimized headers, page headers, metadata, and more features to prepare the site for the search engines.

Even though this platform is mostly used by the top internet stores, startup stores can use it successfully as well. With the Magento platform, customer experience is improved in many ways.

Smart outsourcing with WiserBrand

Considering that Magento is an advanced platform, Magento Development Outsourcing might be more time and cost-efficient. It is undeniably the shortest way to the sustainability of the business. For businesses in the domain of sales, Magento Development Outsourcing is a reliable solution of the two major problems of hiring dedicated developers and customizing services. Magento development companies deliver the top level of consulting, technological solutions and support.