“Le Komora” is an authentic Swiss restaurant and a store. Being the only restaurant network in Ukraine, “Le Komora” also stocks a selection of specific accessories – fondue and raclette grills.

The first outlet was opened in 2015 by a Swiss national who moved to Ukraine to promote Swiss gastronomic culture in Ukraine. Since then, the “Le Komora” network has expanded to several Ukrainian cities.

Served Cheeses with Grapes and Wine on Wooden Plate

Business Challenge

The Swiss restaurant management noticed that the website didn’t appear at the right moment in Google Search results. It also didn’t engage their core audience the way they expected.

To put their brand on top of mind of the target audience, Le Komora’s marketing team started to look for a reliable partner. Turning to the WiserBrand specialists, they got inspired by the SEO and PPC strategy and started cooperation.

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To get more eyes on Le Komora’s brand and grow sales, we’ve implemented the following initiatives:

Regular technical audits and bug fixes

  • Assessed the website
  • Eliminated errors

Web ranking monitoring

  • Discovered what can be improved
  • Analyzed organic traffic and bounce rate
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Internal pages optimization

  • Updated metadata
  • Added structured data to product pages
  • Developed content
  • Added internal linking

Blog launch

  • Developed strategy with detailed tech specs
  • Brought in top copywriters
  • Checked, proofread, and optimized content

Link building

  • Developed systematic and structured strategy
  • Gained the desired links
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Since 2019, the WiserBrand team has broadened Le Komora’s online reach and met its sales goals. Our results in figures:

Increase in impressions and clicks

  • The number of website page impressions from 43.2K to 123K
  • Clicks from 1.53K to 3.21K. The average position improved by 8 units

  • 8 units

    Increase Average Position

  • 47%

    Increased the quantity Traffic

  • 53%

    Increased the number Users

  • 24%

    Increased the amount Sessions

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Organic growth

  • Traffic (from 1 540 to 2 271 users) – 47.47%
  • Users (from 1 422 to 2 176) – 53%
  • Sessions – 24%

Blog pages performance

  • Blog pages gained influence
  • Increasing page views brought traffic to the site

Link build

  • Donor domains from 84 to 160
  • Links from 290 to 821
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  • +90%
    clicks in July compared to June
    conversions in July compared to June