Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Started an advertising campaign that doesn’t work and need help? Or maybe you’re looking for someone to create an online advertising strategy from scratch? Turn to pay-per-click ads to bring more visits to your site or landing page and increase conversions swiftly!
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Pay per click – invest in instant results

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-per-click or PPC advertising is the fastest and easiest method of generating high-quality traffic to your website. Implementation of a PPC campaign into a development strategy has one of the most important benefits – it’s time. While the rest of the SEO takes about half a year to deliver measurable, long-lasting results, PPC advertising services can generate profit within a couple of weeks.

WiserBrand is a team of enthusiastic professionals who know how to turn your company’s advertising investment into profit. We are constantly developing and learning about the new tendencies and changes in the industry to incorporate the best practices for our clients. The careful examination of the planned campaign always allows us to calculate the potential return on investment so you could understand the profitability of every advert we create for you upfront. Our knowledgeable in-house specialists carefully research the market to offer our clients uniquely crafted pay-per-click services at the best prices. WiserBrand offers only efficient PPC services and guarantees tangible results at the end of cooperation.

How does PPC advertising work with WiserBrand?

  • Initial screening and market research. Our dedicated team will work on the existing materials you provide to compare your progress against the competitors and sketch the plan of action.
  • Analysis of your website and landing pages. We examine the usability and conversions of your website and landing pages. Once the investigation is finished we will outline the suggested changes for you to decide which ones we’ll follow.
  • Implementation and tracking the campaigns. To monitor user behavior and refine our campaigns, we set up screen recording, call tracking and analytics which signify what particular actions of ours received the highest response from the audience.
  • Detailed testing and continual revision. Every report from tracking our successes is scrupulously analyzed by the team again and again. Since all our PPC campaigns are context sensitive we update them based on the new findings from the reports to fit them into the new environment.
  • Systematic reports. We generate weekly progress reports for you to see the progress and monitor the effectiveness of your PPC strategy.

Advertise online with WiserBrand and...

  • Improve the efficiency of your current ad campaigns. We will help you lower the costs per click while increasing click-through rates.
  • Generate more qualified visitors. Let us define and find your audience to target only specific geographies and demographics to attract your ideal customers.
  • Maximize conversions. Owing to the narrowly targeted audience, we will increase the natural flow of paramount individuals to your business, hence maximize conversions and increase sales.
  • Be versatile. We take advantage of all forms of PPC to guarantee the highest conversions on all fronts.
  • Earn money. Our PPC campaigns allow translating PPC results into offline sales for bricks-and-mortar businesses.