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SMM services


3-step checklist to help your social media bring in more sales

Step 1

Know who you’re selling to

Target Audience Description

By defining your business target group is to identify and understand your particular niche so you can dominate it.

Sales segmentation Analysis

By developing separate marketing strategies and campaigns to appeal to consumers with different needs, interests, budgets or other attributes.

Competitor Analysis

By identifying your industry competitors and evaluates their strategies to determine areas of opportunity for your business.

Step 2

Perfect your content strategy to expand your brand

Strategic content design

By developing a brand-centric long-term content strategy you’re able to build your business’s identity and win over more people online in a competitive e-Commerce market.

Engaging content that sells

Key to guiding potential customers, getting that conversion and turning them into repeat customers, even brand loyalists at every step of the buyer’s journey, as well as winning against social media algorithms.

Exposure-driven posting

Getting your name out there is now harder than ever, and every brand needs to focus on creating share-worthy content.

Step 3

Reach new audiences and promote within your customers

Data-driven targeted ads

By employing online user data to target users with more relevant advertising content that improves advertising relevance for users and increases ROI for advertisers.

Promo and sales events

By sales promotion that is offered to a consumer or potential business customer to spur the purchase of a product or service (free offers, discounts, premiums, service demonstrations, point-of-purchase (POP) materials, and even refunds or rebates.

Customer retention strategies

After gaining traction in a fast-paced social media environment, it’s crucial to have tools that persuade your newly-found customers to buy again.

Influencer advertising

As in 2020 the volume of influencer-sponsored content has amounted to 6.12 million posts, this promotional outlet is one of the most prominent and effective ways of getting your product out there.

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Keeping up with trends

In any digital-based branch of marketing that exists in the fast-changing Internet space, staying on top of all new developments and changes is key to creating strategies that help you sell.

Transparency and cooperation

WiserBrand takes pride in building trusting relationships with our clients by initiating an open discussion in crucial steps on our roadmap, as well as providing clear regular reports to keep you on the same page.

Smart budgeting

By prioritizing and optimizing our workflow to fit your goals best, we strive to keep your spending at a reasonable level, allowing you to get the most out of your budget.

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    What is social media marketing?

    Social media marketing is a practice of using social networks to establish your brand, increase traffic to websites or external platforms, sell your product directly from your accounts, strategically promote your business, and more. Ultimately, it’s all about growing your audience and capturing new prospective buyers, aiming to generate as many leads and sales as possible. A smart social media strategy is always built around your eCommerce brand’s specific needs, keeping in mind the budgeting constraints and time limits – with the help of the right SMM specialist, you’ll be able to get the most out of your resources. The biggest social media platforms brands most often utilize for promotion are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter.

    What are the types of social media marketing?

    It’s crucial to take a complex approach to SMM because networking platforms equip your brand with a variety of tools and options for promotion and management, which helps fulfill several of your business goals. A diverse and effective social media marketing roadmap would look something like this: Developing a custom strategy for growing your brand’s presence Creating a versatile content plan that fits your business best Working with the audience and collecting feedback Launching advertising campaigns Keeping track of metrics, performing analytics Providing comprehensive reporting All of these components are there to make sure that your brand can maximize the effectiveness of your social media strategy and get the most out of your networking accounts, enabling them to contribute to your revenue directly. That strategy, if done by an experienced SMM specialist, also is flexible and custom to your eCommerce business, so that you’re able to track user feedback and engagement rates, in order to tweak and improve that plan going forward.

    What do social media managers do?

    Social media managers are very different from marketing specialists, even though they work within the same platforms and share the ultimate goal of bringing in sales for your business. While social media marketing specialists are operating within a bigger scope of business processes, planning out and launching advertising campaigns, developing brands’ social media strategy, setting abstract content goals, creating the brand’s identity and voice – social media managers are the ones executing these plans and coming up with ways to achieve those results efficiently. Social media managers are the ones in charge of developing the content schedule, creating and posting content, communicating with the audience, making sure that the posts go live on time, coming up with ways to engage your subscribers and anything else that requires their attention within your business’s social networking accounts.

    What should my eCommerce business’s social media marketing goals be?

    Your social media marketing efforts should be aimed at the same goals that you’ve generally set for the business in question – for eCommerce projects, it’s usually about growing the customer base and getting more sales, first and foremost. While pursuing that ultimate goal, an SMM specialist will also set other milestones and requirements for your social media roadmap, like gaining a specific number of subscribers, raising engagement and achieving certain statistics on your posts, clicks on advertisements, processing requests in Direct messages, and so on. These metrics allow social media specialists to gauge how successful their marketing campaign is, and fine-tune it to bring in more sales for your eCommerce brand.

    How important is social media marketing for eCommerce businesses?

    Short answer: it’s an invaluable resource of potential life-long customers. Why not use it? A smart social media strategy is created in a way that empowers your brand to fulfill several main needs at once – and more, depending on your goals: Broadcasting your business’s identity and aesthetics on a public platform – as social media are usually one of the first links to come up on search results pages, it’s a perfect opportunity to present yourself to a prospective buyer, highlighting all of your strong points. Moreover, people are subconsciously influenced by the number of subscribers and engagement on your posts, because they believe that correlates to the demand for your product. Generating sales through your content – social media equips you with tools to leverage your audience for increasing the conversion on your products, as the brand’s image and content serve as a vehicle to delivering tempting selling offers, reaching even those who are unfamiliar with your eCommerce business. Re-directing traffic to your website – with many tools provided by the biggest social media platforms, SMM specialists help your eCommerce business’s website gain more traffic and visitors by directing them to external platforms through your social media accounts.

    When are social networks most effective for eCommerce businesses?

    To get the most out of your brand’s social media platforms, it’s important to establish what exactly you want to broadcast on there, and for what purpose. A knowledgeable SMM specialist will sit down with you to define the goals you’d like to hit the most and present you with a strategy on how to get there – keeping to that outlined plan is important. Also, consistency and communication are key to growing your eCommerce business’s online presence, because you need to appear on your potential customers’ feeds as frequently as possible, as well as swiftly reacting to any comments and requests.

    How to use social media for small businesses?

    Smaller businesses are the ones that can especially profit from focusing on a brand’s social media growth – it’s significantly easier for prospective customers to discover your eCommerce business on social networking platforms than via search engines through content alone, not to mention paid advertising. Social marketing strategy is everything, because when executed correctly, you’re able to tailor your brand’s posts to the target audience to help the accounts grow organically, with minimal investment that starts influencing sales in a short timespan.

    What is social media used for?

    Social media is a great platform for achieving anything from creating a brand image that motivates the audience to make a purchase, communicating with your customer base and receiving crucial feedback to keep in mind for future products, advertising new releases, attracting sales through special offers, driving traffic to your business’s website and much more.

    How much do social media marketing specialists and managers make?

    Most digital marketing companies are quite flexible with how much they charge their clients and are able to present you with a custom roadmap in accordance with your budget expectations. Freelance or in-house SMM specialists in particular, however, tend to charge much more, as their income directly depends on how much your business is paying for their services – marketing agencies like WiserBrand diversify their client base to be more accomodating to every eCommerce brand’s situation and needs. We’re able to offer you options anywhere from the absolute social media marketing must-haves to more elaborate services that push your networking presence to the limit – it all depends on your financial boundaries and priorities.

    Why is Social Media Marketing so beneficial to eCommerce businesses?

    Social media platforms have become a gateway to achieving a consistent stream of sales and a loyal customer base in a relatively short amount of time – if you use the right tactics.

    As consumers continue to shop on social networks more with each year, your brand’s social media presence is key to winning over those potential buyers. Moreover, SMM specialists help establish effective communication with your customer base can directly contribute to conversion and help build a lasting relationship with clients, which secures your base level of sales.

    Social media marketing consultants are able to come up with unique promotion strategies that will work best for your particular business, depending on your goals and budget restrictions.

    Millions of people are now searching for the products they’re after on social media, as opposed to doing it through search engines, because seeing how big of a following your brand has and reading comments gives them a sense of security – if others like it, then it must be good, and SMM specialists are there to help play that belief to your business’s advantage.

    Social networking platforms also provide a set of advertising tools for social media experts to reach customers that match your defined target audience with flexible budget options and various placements, all to maximize the chance of them clicking through to your social media accounts for the benefit of your brand.

    How your business’s social media content influences your sales, and why you need social media management

    A smart SMM content strategy serves several purposes: besides setting your business apart from the competition, you’re able to utilize both visuals and copywriting to gradually convince your potential buyer why your product is a must for them to purchase. Any digital media consultant would stress the importance of quality custom content for influencing page visitors to buy, and how share-worthy posts can raise your brand’s exposure without spending the advertising budget.

    Seeking out social media manager services is a great way to delegate content creation and client communication to experts who are qualified to build the perfect plan for making your social media activity bring in more revenue for the business.

    Your brand’s content is a reflection of its identity for users who do their research online, and a smart SMM content strategy incorporates posts that are informative, in tune with the audience, motivating to reshare and ultimately pushing a potential client to make that purchase.

    Social media solutions for small businesses present a great option to establish a loyal customer base and bring in a consistent amount of sales through social networking platforms, while spending a minimal budget on advertising as compared to offline promotion.

    SMM services are key to forming your brand’s image online

    Social media services can become a powerful tool in aiding with building up your business’s identity – after all, social media accounts you manage are one of the first results to come up on search results pages. Digital marketing is closely tied to social networks services, as consumers spend anywhere from an hour to 6 hours average on those platforms, and their potential to sell is currently actively being explored by many agencies, including WiserBrand.

    Social media management companies offer services like creating content users would want to interact with, effective communication with the audience under posts and in Direct messages, creating content schedules based on custom social media marketing strategies and more.

    By hiring an SMM agency, you will be able to get the most out of your digital platforms, as the brand’s following is crucial to both forming an image online and building up a loyal customer base SMM specialists are going to promote towards with regular offers. This, in turn, helps you launch products with more profit and attention from the market, allowing your business to rise above the competition.

    That unique voice and how in tune the brand is with its customers makes the biggest difference to the average consumer, and if your eCommerce business’s content resonates with the audience, it can really make or break your intentions of successfully selling online.

    WiserBrand’s social media marketing specialists can help your brand thrive online

    The process of growing your eCommerce business’s presence on social platforms can be painfully slow and inconvenient – but it doesn’t have to. By delegating your social media accounts to WiserBrand’s experts, you’re making sure that the brand’s image is in capable hands.

    WiserBrand first started as a digital agency that provided both the development and marketing services for eCommerce businesses, but as the company grew and worked on more projects, we’ve decided to separate into several brands, and WiserBrand is now solely focused on delivering digital marketing solutions and business support options for our clients.

    Our company has been present on the digital marketing scene for over a decade now, and that extensive experience enables us to develop custom SMM strategies to benefit your business, offering comprehensive strategies for managing and getting your brand to be recognized, whether it’s B2C or B2B. We use the newest tools and tactics to boost your social media accounts, never compromising their security.

    If you’re looking for a social media account manager, WiserBrand’s specialists have been closely working with specifically eCommerce companies for years, gaining knowledge on how to promote brands in a way that directly aids in bringing in sales.