4 Things to delegate when launching a startup

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  1. Website Development
  2. Content Writing
  3. Advertising in Social Networks
  4. Search Engine Optimization

Every startup has a chance to turn into a large and profitable business in the future. A business owner should think not only about finding their niche, potential consumers, investors, but also about the online representation of their business to guarantee its future success.

It is not easy to determine what is the key to the success of a startup. This sphere is too unreliable and unpredictable, the risks are too high. According to the survey Startup Statistics, more than 50 percent of startups fail in the first years after launching. And the leading cause is incompetence. So if you want your business to thrive, you'd better delegate these 4 things to specialists.

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1. Website Development

Nowadays, it is quite difficult for any company to do without its web resource. Therefore, it is better to entrust the website development to well-versed professionals. People who know a lot about this business will approach the work responsibly. They will create the website with all the wishes of their customer. Website development is not an easy task, as it may seem at the beginning.

To get the best results, you need to decide what type of website you need. Perhaps you want to create an online store, catalog or online business card.

The online business card is the easiest option. Creating such a website is simple, as it consists of a couple of pages and is inexpensive.

If you want to create a functional website, then a corporate one will suit you. Here you can specify information about your company and also send notifications to customers about upcoming promotions.

Professionals create a website individually for each customer and depending on their requirements.

On the Internet, you can stumble on websites that cannot provide the desired result. The reason for all this is that such websites are created unprofessionally. Of course, on the Internet, there are ready-made templates with the help of which you can create your website. However, they will not be individual and unique. To avoid it, you'd better order the professional creation of your website. Such specialists must have experience in this matter.

For the website to attract the attention of visitors, it must have a good interface, logos, and images. If you want your potential clients to be interested in your web resource, then be sure to pay attention to the web design.

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2. Content Writing

The main goal of any website, and, especially, designed for getting profit, is visitors. First of all, they should become interested in exciting, competent content. Creating and filling the website with high-quality information is a win-win tool for a professional and, at the same time, fast company promotion on the Internet.

The fact is that search engines, first of all, take into account the value of the information posted on the website by special algorithms. The web resource can be profitable if search engines evaluate the information on the website as useful for users. Thus, not only the website popularity among Internet users but also its place in search engines depends on what kind of information and how well the website is filled.

The regular work with content (adding, updating, deleting irrelevant information) also contributes to the rapid promotion of the website.

The unique website with good content is a worthy representation of the company on the Internet. So high-quality, professional website creation and filling it with quality content is an important condition in promoting business in any area of activity. By entrusting the development of the website and writing its content to professionals, you avoid not only the risk of wasting money and time but also a greater risk of harming the reputation of your company.

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3. Advertising in Social Networks

The easiest and most inexpensive option is the pages or communities of your company in popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, etc. You will have to pay only to the specialist who will update them daily and communicate with subscribers.

The communication here is the key moment because social networks are created for this purpose. If people begin to comment on your publications, this is an indicator that everything is going right. But you should maintain contact, otherwise, the popularity of the community will steadily fall.

Maintaining pages in social networks is mostly image advertising. It will increase your brand awareness. The pitfalls of this advertising tool are that you cannot create the image in one day. However, it is extremely easy to spoil it.

Often, specialists have to deal with the consequences of unprofessional page management in social networks. They have to create new ones instead, attract the public again and build relations with it on behalf of the customer. It is better to hire a specialist who will help you cope with this task correctly at once.

If the page of your company in social networks already has enough subscribers and there is a strong contact with them, it makes sense to switch to more expensive advertising methods. For example, you can pay for promoting a particular post, so that even more users see it in their news feeds. The price will depend on the sphere of your business and the settings you have made.


4. SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the affordable and inexpensive ways to promote a resource on the Internet. It helps to increase the quality of traffic, expand the reach of the target audience, and also increase user confidence. However, it is very difficult to do SEO yourself without special skills and experience, therefore many experts recommend entrusting such work to SEO-specialists.

5 reasons to turn to SEO-professionals

SEO is time-consuming. So if you compare the income you earn per a given time and SEO specialists’ rates, you would surely prefer to stick to your own field of expertise. So trying to deal with this complex work on your own just does not make sense. If you need to increase the position of the web resource in a search engine, you should contact the experts. There are 5 weighty reasons for this:

  • Saving of time. To conduct SEO yourself, you need to spend many hours on the development of special skills, while professionals do all the work as quickly as possible;
  • High quality. Search engine optimization is a difficult job that consists of thousands of little things. So experts in their field can guarantee an excellent result;
  • Considering the specifics of the area. Experts know the difference between useful and useless links, and never commit actions that can lead to the loss of the positions of the web resource in search engines. In the process of SEO promotion, professionals take into account all the features and specifics of the web resource;
  • Unique promotion experience. Every well-versed SEO-specialist has a good experience in this field, so he can say for sure how long it will take to achieve certain results.
  • Marketing process must go on. If you use the web resource for commercial purposes, then you cannot do without the services of a specialist in the field of promotion. Moreover, you will need them almost on an ongoing basis, since the results will need to be retained. And for this, you need a professional who will monitor the positions regularly and perform the necessary updates.
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