What retargeting is, and why it is really important for businesses

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Did you know that only about 2% of the first-time website visits result in a purchase? It's no wonder, as most of the general public are pretty indecisive, overworked and easily distracted, while also being bombarded by similar offers from many different companies.

They often leave their cart hanging, move onto another urgent task and forget what site they were even on. Potential customers can also either decide to look for a better deal or take some time to think it over.

How do you make that 98 % of visitors come back and purchase from you? Well, there's a marketing technique that helps businesses accomplish just that: it’s called retargeting, and it does wonders.

Retargeting for Businesses

To get your sales going, you shouldn’t just rely on new visitors, because statistics show that they rarely buy anything of high value, only purchasing on impulse. Instead, they’ll probably look around and click away.

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However, it is a known tendency that the more a potential buyer sees something, the more they’re prompted to take action. Any business needs tools to persuade their potential clients to take a second look and consider making a purchase. To achieve this, marketing specialists recommend using retargeting ads.

What Is Retargeting?

To put it simply, it’s a method which allows you to rejuvenate your potential client’s interest in your product. Usually done through advertising on search engines or social media, it is designed to target a specific audience of people who have already expressed interest in a particular product or brand.

If they didn’t make a purchase while visiting your website the first time - remind them that the offer still stands. Perhaps they’ve purchased something that is going to need refills or replacements - let them know you’ve got their back and will provide the goods that they’ll be looking for.

Retargeting and Marketing

The term “remarketing” is also often used to describe the method of re-attracting clients. They are indeed similar, but we need to clearly understand that retargeting is just a single component of a bigger marketing campaign.

Benefits of Retargeting

Any business that is looking into digital advertising strategies can benefit from this technique. The core value of remarketing is that you are showing your products and services to potential clients who have already shown interest in them. Returning visitors are much more likely to convert to buyers because they’re guaranteed to have an interest in your product, as they’ve clicked on it before.


Maybe they've seen your competitor’s offer and didn’t like it. Perhaps they’ve closed the tab and forgot about it, and now are happy to find your site again. There’s also a chance that they’ve seen a post on Facebook with positive feedback on your product and clicked out of interest, and seeing it again conditioned them to finalize the purchase.

Studies show that 3 out of 4 customers are paying attention to the retargeted ads, and that they are getting 76% more clicks than the regular advertisements. What’s also important - branded searches increase by 1046% thanks to retargeting ads, and if your business combines retargeting with other common marketing techniques and channels - your sales have a real chance to grow by 50%.

How to Get the Most Out of Retargeting Services

The two most common techniques for this type of advertisement are using a retargeting pixel and a retargeting list. The first method works with the help of a piece of code that is added to your website or a post-click landing page, while the second uses a list of emails provided by the clients themselves. There are, of course, other techniques that include using social media, mobile apps and search engine retargeting (based not on specific URL visits, but on keywords that were used by a client while searching the Web).

What Retargeting Articles are not telling you

There’s something we wish more retargeting articles would mention - the cases of badly done advertising. Have you ever looked something up on Google and then received targeted ads for months and months? Everyone has experienced this major annoyance, regardless of whether they’ve actually shopped for something or have just been browsing.

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We naturally dislike being shoved something we’ve already bought or decided against buying, in the face. Out of frustration, we purposely never visit the site that abuses such targeted advertisements, due to being subconsciously repulsed by them. That’s not what you want as a business owner, right?

How do you keep a delicate balance between keeping your clients happy and still manage to provide relevant and working ads that actually bring you new leads that you can turn into clients? Here’s a couple of key rules:

  • Segmentation. It is crucial to separate your target audience into smaller groups in the right way, so that you’ll be able to tailor the content to them specifically. Otherwise, the wrong ads might alienate your potential clients.
  • Specify a link to the product for the ad, not just the homepage. This will take the buyer straight to the page they’ll otherwise need to look for, increasing the chances that they’ll make a decision right then and there.
  • Do not show the same exact product to the people who’d already bought it. There’s no real benefit to it, and people tend to get rightfully annoyed at constantly seeing the item that they already own. Instead, retarget ads showcasing something related to their purchase, like more kitchen appliances, or items that will likely be useful for their recent buy: a case for a new phone, a bag for the laptop, spare parts for the drill, etc.

It takes practice and experience to implement the correct remarketing strategy, but the benefits speak for themselves - bringing the potential clients back to your platform to finalize the purchase leads to guaranteed growth and boosts customers' retention.

If you are not sure where to start with retargeting for your business, don’t be discouraged. All of the tips and strategies for the best retargeting practices are actively used by WiserBrand experts. Our PPC specialists are always happy to help your business stand out and be noticed by new customers, as well as give you a second chance with those who left.

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