Web Development

Our specialists have been successfully developing projects for businesses, creating comprehensive technical solutions that meet your needs and grow in tune with your ambition.
Web Development

Our web development workflow

01 Getting Started
You, senior/architect developer, PM
1 week
  1. Discussing project requirements
  2. Outlining a plan and setting estimates
  3. Developing a backlog of tasks
  4. Infrastructure setup
Effect: high-level estimate
02 Infrastructure setup
You, back-end & front-end developers, quality assurance, PM
1 week
  1. Sprint Plan
  2. Development process
  3. Quality Assurance
  4. Demo delivery
  5. Post-release Sprint retrospective
Effect: Sprint release
03 Support and maintenance
You, developers, PM
1 week
  1. Drafting technical documentation
  2. Product and MVP delivery
  3. Post-release support
Effect: Product delivery

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Benefits of Web Development

01. Quick and efficient workflow
02. Fully customizable technical solutions
03. Budget-friendly project management
04. Scrupulous staff recruitment
05. Delivering a quality ready-made product
06. Detail-oriented quality assurance process
07. Consistent post-release support

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