Does website content matter?

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TL;DR: Yes, it does.

And in 2021 qualitative content matters more than ever before. It is good content that sets your website apart from the competition and so helps to deliver the right message to your customers. Without great content, web design worths nothing. Great navigation that provides the superior user experience will do no good at all if your website is empty and gives no useful information to the customers.

What makes content great is effective call-to-action slogans and taglines, the rich in keywords texts, the supporting visuals, and the targeted content (targeted here means based on the desires and preferences of a buyer persona). So how can you reach this perfect content and what does it actually mean? Check it out and put into practice!

Website content discussion

Text and Visuals

In a matter of fact, it doesn’t matter what type of content you have. The most important point of all is that the content is relevant and unique. Now let’s take a look at the types of content and how to build it correctly for your website.


Text content matters because for now, it’s still text that brings the biggest meaning to everything on your website. You promote your products, explain what your stance is, or literally describe your product (its physical and technical characteristics, for example). Textual content expands the knowledge base of your customers if you have a blog and it also informs them about your company’s values.

Content is generally one of the most valuable things for a business because it is via content that potential customers can find you. And this is the goal number one for you. Make it findable by using the right keywords, by providing unique content, and by making it as relevant as possible. Don’t forget to make the content shareable so that people can spread the word about your company on their social media profiles and hence give you free advertising.

Videos and other visual content

Please remember that today effective content doesn’t mean text only! Videos, images, infographics, and graphs are all as much important as plain text. You cannot sell a product without showing its qualities to a customer or demonstrate new features without a quick video posted. Current customers are extremely demanding in terms of content and unless you meet all of their expectations, they will turn to your competitors.

So what visual content to include in your textual content to earn the trust and favor of your audience? If you’re writing a long read, an instruction, or anything that can use screenshots — do it. They help to understand the idea behind your text faster. Just images that are vaguely related to the topic are great to make a break in a long-read. However, you should better avoid using open stock images! The main reason that, in fact, it is a disadvantage for your website as others could have used the same photos on their websites which will make your visual content not unique.

In terms of videos act smart. They can be a perfect addition to your SEO strategy or just a useless part that only makes a website heavy to load. Make your videos targeted, relevant, and as short as possible. Yes, statistics from Forbes proves that 90% of customers confirm that qualitative videos help make buying decisions and about 64% report that a video on a website makes them more likely to buy. But if the video is too long, boring, and brings no useful information, then don’t even post it.


Even though everyone learned not to judge a book by its cover, we’re still doing it daily. People need about 0,05 seconds to form an opinion about anything they see. And if in the shortest time possible you don’t engage the audience in your content, then you are doomed. That’s why the visual representation, meaning the design, of your website in general and content in particular do matter. This doesn’t mean something too complex.

All you need is to ensure that your content is readable, easy-to-find on your website, and looks attractive. If you have a budget, then hire an expert UX/UI designer; if no, then at least ask for a consultation to discuss what should be improved on your website to make it look, feel, and work attractively for your audience.


Authenticity or uniqueness of the content of any shape, form, type, and size is crucial! Repetitive content is easily spotted by the search engines which will lower your website ranking and hence it will never see the front page of the search. It’s tougher to spot repetitiveness for humans, yet it still happens. So unless you want to have low ratings and lack of customers’, ensure that everything you create on your website is authentic and unique.


Yes, no one says that the development of great content is easy, and you probably already know this fact. That is why, the tip here is to hire professionals in content writing services who will guarantee these two qualities of your content and at the same time will deliver it on schedule.

To sum up

Does website content matter? Yes, it enormously does! The content matters in its informational and visual representation. Great design without an idea work just as bad as a genius idea without any design. If you’re putting your foot into the content generating area, then always stay loyal to your customers: deliver them relevant, new, and engaging content in textual and visual shape to satisfy all the needs.

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