Founded as a local business promoter platform in 2015, the HireRush platform empowered small and mid-sized businesses to establish their digital presence. The company provided entrepreneurs with tools for the development and growth of their own websites.

Ever since, customers not only got things done on an easy-to-navigate multi-functional platform but built strong relationships with qualified professionals based on unbiased feedback.

  • 25%

    Cutting request handle time

  • 14%

    Increase in customer satisfaction

  • 4 times

    Growth of customer base

Business Challenge

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Passionate to set apart in a crowded marketplace, HireRush never lost its focus on delivering exceptional service. To deliver it, Customer Support was supposed to respond to customer inquiries by phone, voice, email, and website in writing. For a startup where literally one person performed all those duties, it was almost impossible. Ready to level up its service offerings, HireRush turned to a professional Customer Care center in WiserBrand.


To deliver a rich customer experience, WiserBrand put in place the following steps:

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Hired a team of emotionally intelligent, empathetic, resourceful communicators

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Developed internal processes and training programs

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Added a Spanish-speaking rep

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Introduced performance analysis and continuous improvement techniques

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Described procedures for handling both customers’ and providers’ issues on service, registration, purchases, removal of ads/accounts, disputes resolution, refund, etc.


HireRush immediately started to see impressive results.

HireRush income flew up

  • In 4 weeks, a new CS department was launched.
  • In 6 months, the department reached its full production and functional capacity.
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During the cooperation with Hirerush, the WiserBrand Support Team managed to build long-term relationships with clients and providers. All Customer loyalty and satisfaction indicators improved, while negative attitudes towards the service decreased. All efforts paid off – HireRush income flew up.

Later on HireRush decided to switch to a different direction, so it was decided to sunset the work of the Customer Care department.

Nevertheless, this project matched the original objectives – HireRush admitted they had received the greatest possible benefit from our partnership. Inspired by the progress, we are eager to kick off new projects.

  • 4 weeks

    Launch of a new department

  • 6 months

    Reaches a new productive and functional capacity

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