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XML and HTML Site Map Generator Online Tools. Top 4 bonus features of sitemaps.

As you already know from our previous posts about sitemaps, they are an important part of the website development, SEO, and user experience.They can be used by anyone, who would like to have a consistent online presence. Without sitemaps, website promotions may be useless. And in order to get the full view let’s learn what the other benefits sitemaps can give to your site.

Sitemap generator

Sitemaps bonus features

1. Website analytics

In modern online advertising, Google Analytics is a must-have. Without a proper sitemap, you won’t be able to filter and analyze how each of your website pages (or each page of your website) is performing. Moreover, when you are running ads driven to the particular page of your website, you won’t be able to see if your campaign is successful or not without measuring that page.

2. Content inventory, audit, and planning

Sitemaps can be a vital part of your content creation. While working on your website, you can use visual sitemaps to see what pages you need, how they will be linked to each other and even more. After the website launch, XML sitemaps will help you to eliminate broken links, incorrect interlinking and make sure that your content is consistent and well indexed by Google. Additionally, an HTML sitemap added to your website will help your users quickly find the needed page.

3. Keywords tracking

Keywords tracking tools allow you to see how your pages perform in SERP. And sitemap generators are aimed to provide you an option to keep the best pages up while redeveloping and optimizing the less successful ones.

4. Accessibility

The key advantage of the website is being accessible to any user. And html sitemap generator online will help you to make sure that the user can easily find the necessary content. Sitemaps are a must have for any successful website. That is why our website development team decided to pick several decent sitemaps generators and validators for you.

Sitemaps generators and validators

1. Screaming Frog XML Sitemap generator

It is easy to use online based Google sitemap generator. If you have a small website, it is the right solution for you. Just like the Screaming Frog, it allows you to set frequency, priority and last modification date for your sitemap. Here, the required sitemap has to be downloaded to your desktop.After that, you will be able to add it to your website.

3. Google Sitemap Generator Online – Release 3.2 

It is powerful online browser-based sitemap generator which crawls up to 5000 pages of a site. Here, it is possible to ignore “no-follow” links and export your sitemap in XML format.

4. Google SiteMap XML Validator and Submitter 

This validator allows you to check if your Google XML sitemap adheres to the sitemaps.org schema. It is easy to use; you just need to enter the URL of your sitemap and validate it. Another cool option of this service is that it allows submitting your website sitemap to Google.

5. Online XML sitemap generator 

This service lets you create XML sitemaps for the site, and there are no limits to how many pages you can add. It also validates sitemaps, reports broken links, handles cookies and page redirects.

6. XMLSiteMapGenerator.Org

It is a free-to-use sitemap generator which allows creating HTML, RSS and Google XML Sitemaps compatible with search engines. It also has a WordPress plugin. It can be used to list all your website pages, including posts, archives, authors, tags, and categories.

As you see, it’s not hard to generate any kind of sitemap for your site. If you still have troubles with your website optimization, leave WiserBrand a message, and we will help you!