Email Marketing

Close more deals and boost your income with a targeted email campaign
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Have been writing emails for ages and still have no sales response? Hand over this task to our Cyber Gurus and receive your first sales leap with a custom-crafted email marketing campaign within the first month!

Email Marketing Services

Turn your emails into sales

More than 90% internet users have emails and about 70% of them have ever used a discount from a marketing email. Not using such knowledge to your advantage means losing around 40% of possible ROI.

WiserBrand has long been optimizing and improving email marketing campaigns. Today we are ready to help you plan, create, develop, or just enhance your targeted email marketing campaign to sustain your clients’ interest and overall brand recognition. We have depleted expertise in email marketing for startups as well as established businesses. Our Cyber Gurus focus on different types of email marketing messages from email newsletters and transactional emails to direct and tailored trigger emails to promote a new product and purchase behavior.

At WiserBrand, we take pride in our email marketing service since we offer not ready-to-go templates, but a hand-crafted strategy, design, writing, coding, and automation to meet your business’s specific development needs. We will make your emails mobile-friendly to deliver the highest level of satisfaction of readership and turn the views into sales.

An email marketing strategy with WiserBrand includes

  • Building opt-in email list. Develop an email list of loyal and potential buyers to target your emails even more precisely.
  • Designing template email layouts. Our team will carefully examine and analyze most useful content on your website to develop custom-crafted email templates for every kind of buyer.
  • Creating custom email content. We will work with your target audience to develop personalized emails and design relevant contests and giveaways to boost audience engagement for increased conversions.
  • Tracking email campaigns. Our analysts will constantly evaluate the efficiency of your email campaigns by tracking sends and delivery, open and click-through rates as well as web visits, leads, sales, and revenue for every email blast.
  • Testing your email campaigns. Email marketing gurus can test every single line and aspect of your emails: from split-testing of the subject lines, send times and dates to testing of the copy and offers.
  • Advanced email marketing strategies. We can also offer automation of the whole email campaign, retention emails, win-back strategies, and much more.

Start working with WiserBrand and...

  • Expand sales volume. We will reanimate your inactive prospects and then turn them into active buyers.
  • Increase average revenue per customer. Cross-sell and upsell to the existing customers with email marketing and grow your revenue gradually.
  • Build a loyal community. Regular communication with existing customers contributes to customer retention. There is no need to constantly sell to create a relationship with customers.
  • Beta test new products. Collect feedback from loyal customers about new products and tailor the further marketing strategy to reach maximum efficiency with new customers.