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php website development services

The main PHP development outsourcing meaning for any business is freedom of choice. With PHP language and its numerous frameworks, development and building of a webpage or an application has become accessible and efficient for companies of all sizes. Whether you need a completely new application or just a new feature integrated into the existing platform or app, the simple addition of a PHP code can make the difference in the shortest time frame.

WiserBrand is a PHP development company from the US (New York). We have worked in the market for core PHP development services for almost 10 years and know all the hidden rocks and tricky moments of it. We offer all benefits of PHP web development you can opt for: from dynamic websites to interactive qualitative applications for business. Our qualified PHP development team has creative minds and they can develop a plan, build, and launch projects of any nature, size, and complexity to serve the diverse goals and needs of your business.

Start implementing PHP development solutions with WiserBrand

  • PHP software development

    Modern tools and best coding practices allow us to deliver customized websites to power businesses of all niches and shapes. Your project is always in the deliberate spotlight of our Dev Team. We work with smaller projects like CMS development in PHP to the major tuning of large e-commerce development platforms.

  • PHP app development

    Cross-platform frameworks, external connection to the databases and libraries as well as strong networking with other technologies makes our PHP app development projects uniquely fit for the rapidly changing environment. We can offer mobile-optimized web apps and HTML5 hybrid mobile apps to bring unique UX design features for native apps on Android and iOS.

  • QA and testing

    Any product requires scrupulous testing in the QA environment before it is released to the users. We have a professionally trained team of dedicated testers who guarantee that the released app or web platform is of the high quality and reliability. WiserBrand works with full-cycle software testing services from gathering requirements to the final deployment stage testing.

  • Team reinforcement

    Whether you need a full-service help or just one bright mind on your team, we can offer you all. We have a broad staff list of experienced web and mobile developers, QA engineers, testers, planners, etc. Whoever you need, we can offer to bring your product to the next quality level.

Use the perks of working with WiserBrand’s team

  • We think before acting. Before creating the first code line, our professional analysts research the market and the needs of your project. We always begin developing only after a thorough investigation to guarantee that the final product will work.
  • We double test for reliability and security. Our code is secure from the competition and is double tested before pushed to live. We take pride in the stability and safety of all our developed web and app products.
  • We work only with innovations. Only cutting-edge technologies are implemented by our developers to ensure that your app or website won’t lag, freeze, or cut off completely. Original and unique coding helps us keep your products up-to-date and responsive at all times.