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mobile app development

Need to reach more customers? Or have the next Big App idea? Our team of cyber experts will hear your ideas and turn them into the satisfying reality of a custom-made mobile app that will increase your brand recognition and monetize the revenue.

Every year the number of users choosing mobile devices and using mobile apps grows by 3-5%. So while having a fully functional website is important, today having a mobile app on your offer is literally becoming essential. If website creation is something usual for the market, mobile app development sounds like a foreign language for the old-fashioned business people.

WiserBrand is an innovative mobile app development agency located in NYC. We are used to working with the top-notch experts in technological development and our team of Cyber Gurus knows how to approach projects of all sizes and levels of complexity regardless of the business vertical your company is at. We are offering mobile app development services as well as future technology enhancements. Our mobile app developers specialize in strategy production, interactive design, development, and finally deployment of mobile apps for local and global clients to bring them ahead of the curve.

Entrust your development goals to our expertise

WiserBrand is a mobile app development outsourcing company that offers a wide range of services from the basic Android/iOS development to enterprise mobility solutions and apps monetization. We focus on making each designed app a unique and outstanding example in a given business niche. All our apps are custom-built and exclusively designed. Our developers always ensure that the designed products run on all kinds of devices by hand-testing each and every feature. WiserBrand delivers the best device fidelity, user experience, and hardware specific features in all of the services below:

How mobile app development evolves with us:

  • Project scoping. First of all, we design a blueprint of your project with full technical specifications that outline the use cases, functionalities, and technology requirements. Graphic designers also draft colors, fonts, and general visualization of your mobile app. At WiserBrand, we work both with the ready-to-use project specifications as well as businesses that don’t have such (in this case we will outline them for you).
  • Design and prototyping. After a month, we will present you with a fully functional and clickable prototype of your mobile app with the whole UX/UI design. At this stage, you can verify how the app might look and work before we begin the mobile app development process.
  • Development. This step usually takes about half a year to code and complete the mobile app design. Please note that during the development stage we are ready to communicate any changes in functionality and design that you might require.
  • Testing and release. Once the mobile app development is finished, we will present you the completed mobile app. Your team will carefully review it, give us the final feedback, and after this step, you can take the new app to the market.
  • Consulting. Besides offering full-service mobile app development, our experts also give guidance on how to approach the development in a most proper and effective way.