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eCommerce Development
eCommerce Development
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eCommerce Development Services

SEO-friendly E-commerce platform development
SEO-friendly E-commerce platform development
E-commerce platform optimization
E-commerce platform optimization
CMS integration
CMS integration
E-commerce website auditing and consulting
E-commerce website auditing and consulting

Our eCommerce development workflow

01 Getting Started
You, senior eCommerce developer, UX/UI Designer, PM
1 week
  1. Discussing project requirements
  2. Outlining a plan and setting estimates
  3. Developing a backlog of tasks
  4. Infrastructure setup
Effect: high-level estimate
02 Infrastructure setup
You, Back-end & Front-end Developers, Quality Assurance, PM
1 week
  1. Sprint Plan
  2. Development process
  3. Quality Assurance
  4. Demo delivery
  5. Post-release Sprint retrospective
Effect: Sprint release
03 Support and maintenance
You, Developers, PM
1 week
  1. Drafting technical documentation
  2. Product and MVP delivery
  3. Post-release support
Effect: Product delivery

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eCommerce development benefits

01. Budget-friendly development
02. Over 7 years of experience in eCommerce development
03. Highly customizable technical solutions
04. Innovative approach to marketing integration
05. User-oriented web design that utilizes “call-to-action”
06. Quality post-release support
07. Several successful e-commerce projects
eCommerce development

What do you need to know about E-commerce development?


01 E-commerce development solutions benefit your clients

Hiring specialists for e-commerce website development allows you to provide the users with a platform that would guarantee for excellent online shopping or trading experience. By working with an e-commerce development company, you help your brand establish itself on the fast-growing e-commerce market and broaden your client base by appealing to those who prefer to shop on the web.

02 E-commerce website development is highly customisable

The technology of e-commerce web development services facilitates a wide variety of software solutions that can be specifically tailored to your kind of business, keeping in mind any circumstances or preferences you might have. Custom e-commerce development services can allow you to combine several stores in one, set a high number of options in terms of currencies, choose and apply various filters and more.

03 E-commerce development benefits your marketing efforts

A good eCommerce website development company will take into account your goals and needs in terms of product marketing and sales, creating a website that would allow you to collect data from users for future ad campaigns, change the features to fit the prevalent demographic and placing call-to-action triggers to motivate a new visitor to make a purchase, all within the e-commerce development cost.

04 Options for affordable e-commerce development

Due to the fact that our e-commerce development agency uses technology that provides high customizability, we can make sure that you stay within your budget and still get the major expectations and wants covered, offering affordable eCommerce development services.

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