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Client feedback

Tatyana, Trademark Owner, Dom Kofe

WiserBrand is an ongoing SEO and PPC partner. After an initial website audit, they developed, executed, and now monitor a development improvement plan in conjunction with internal resources. Traffic and conversions showed growth soon after WiserBrand came onboard, which resulted in an expanded portfolio. Clear and frequent communication enables expectations and requirements to be well understood by both sides. Customers can expect a constantly helpful and generous partner.

Tamuna, Head of Business Development, Geomotiv Holdings

With WiserBrand’s help, the client has strengthened their development team, enabling them to complete tasks quickly. The provided resources seamlessly adapt to the client’s workflow, allowing for a smooth collaboration. Also, their technical expertise and communication skills have stood out.

Alek, Co-Founder, DeviQA

They became our long-term partner, to whom we consistently outsource development and digital marketing. WiserBrand has been able to satisfy our development needs and complete a number of web and mobile applications within the requested timelines. They’ve also been able to cooperate with our project managers and quality assurance specialists, which definitely gives us more structure and boosts the effectiveness of our work.

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