Who We Are

WiserBrand is a team of Cyber Owls committed to delivering the best solutions to clients and fulfilling every single request they may express. We’re offering the top expertise and joined effort of pros skilled and ready to help your business reach success in the highly competitive digital world, optimize your resources and grow your brand.
What started as a small project providing SEO and SMM services to legal and medical practices 3 years ago, grew into a business process outsourcing company equipped to execute development, digital marketing, customer support and outstaffing projects for clients all over the globe.
What may one expect from us? Quality services and cutting-edge technologies to make your bold ideas come true. Business-oriented approach to help you win the competition. People that put their clients first. Communication and honesty at each step of the project, from its start to finish. We will never suggest a solution that won’t benefit your business just to earn money. 

WiserBrand Cyber Owls like to evolve together with the clients, see them grow and contribute to that growth. That’s how we operate and that’s what provides our clients with lasting results.
Your success is our vital mission. We never quit but turn our knowledge into your asset. Cyber Owls don’t follow the trends, they predict them. You experience the taste of their work and want more. That’s guaranteed.
Curious? Just make a call and Cyber Owls will deliver.

Our Team

Michael, CEO

After spending more than 20 years on Wall Street, I started my own business. I dedicated my life to delivering the best technology solutions and passing experience earned during the development and promotion of our own products to the clients. Their success is my number one priority, while table tennis is definitely in the list of top 5.

Denis, VP of Operations

Having worked with multiple teams on countless projects, I know that the true power running the world is the human mind. IT mind. Striving to deliver results and make processes run smoothly is what I do every single day, while taking out my kayak to sail the river with friends is how I recharge.

Elena, VP of Business Dev

A business development executive with a project management background, and a cyber owl whose lifelong love is challenge. Denying the existence of the word “impossible” is how I get by every single day and help our clients reach success. Always available and never asleep.

Alex, VP of Technology

Everything that distracts me from coding (preferably in C++) doesn’t bother my mind. For the record, even this description wasn’t written by me since this activity would stall me from the development of yet another feature for our project.

Helen, Frontend Developer

UX Design/Front End development is my lifestyle as I think, everybody who is doing his part well, makes the world a bit better. And whether I'm online or offline, I like cheese, cats, mountains, devices, and heat.

Antonio, Marketing

Practicing the online marketing witchcraft is what I do for a living. Strategic thinking, dedication and willingness to take risks are the key ingredients of the marketing potion I can’t imagine working without. The ongoing battle for the organic traffic and conversion keeps me motivated every single day.

Mayya, SMM Manager

Marketer, ex-PM, hand-crafter (leather, beading, sewing) and dancer. I have a lot of hobbies and always struggle to find time to enjoy everything. Yoga helps me to achieve work-life balance and to enjoy my life. Keep it simple and love what you do!

Dmitry, WordPress Developer

SEO specialist and Wordpress developer, so I know how to promote your website online and what to do to make it friendly for search engines. I have a lot of passions like music, table tennis, movies, etc. Life is good when you love your work!

Anastasia, SEO Manager

SEO and SMM specialist, control freak, not a stranger to multitasking and a true dreamer. I enjoy opening new opportunities, traveling, cooking, learning languages and never stop developing new skills to improve myself more and more.

Iryna, SEO Manager

As a SEO specialist, I believe that magic happens as often as Google algorithms' update, so my life philosophy is based on the calm reaction to any obstacles I face, keeping going toward the goals and gaining valuable experience!

Maxim, UX/UI Designer

They call me Designer. They come to me and say "Designer, give us creative!" But they don't ask with respect. They don't offer brief or show me what they like. Instead they come to my workplace, and ask me to do design. And that's what I love doing (for money).

Olga, Sales Manager

Passionate and creative sales professional with more than 5 years of experience that truly believes in helping clients to find out their needs, and building strong meaningful relationships to achieve their goals. Have an immense lust for life. Adore yoga, active leisure, reading, karaoke, and everything that makes me happy.

Kirill, Customer Support

A skilled problem solver who's always trying to do his best in every situation. Perfectionist. Hobbies? By no means! But I will always find ways and time to help.

Julia, Customer Support

I am a sociable and active person. If you ask me, these qualities help me most to be a customer support representative you wish to contact for assistance. My work is not only helping you to resolve your issue but talk to you, understand you and be your good friend.

Our Process

Goals and Requirements
Goals and Requirements
Gaining Results
Gaining Results

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