Software Development Services

Hit the market with ingenious custom software and become the industry’s flagship.
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Take WiserBrand on board and let us tune up your business. We deliver game-changing software that transforms any business, increases your revenues, and saves up to 40% of the time and operating costs.

Be innovative and flexible with new software in your arsenal

software development services

The business world has always been a battlefield for small and medium companies. In the era of the interconnected online world, these are technically advanced solutions that become a competitive advantage in the market. Today software development for the web is a key to the blistering growth for firms of all sizes.

WiserBrand is a Business Process Outsourcing Company that among its main duties provides outsourcing software development services. Located in NYC, we help businesses from all corners of the world and in all market niches to reach better results and to hold their positions with top-notch software solutions. Our expert team of Cyber Gurus provides high-quality software by following the best engineering practices in systems architecture, testing, and deployment. We always carefully craft every project and are not afraid to offer a makeover for your existing inefficient software. We always guarantee fast and tangible results in terms of conversion, customer satisfaction, and team cooperation.

Reach your goals with our winning workflow

  • Brainstorming. After you deliver your expectations and requirements for the software, our team of architecture and software engineers, designers, developers, and testers get together to develop the prototype of your future software.
  • Analysis. Based on the ideas we create a software draft and analyze what features would fit better into the outlined concept.
  • Design. Our designers plan how to make your software attractive to the users and ensure that its design falls into the UX development model.
  • Confirmation. We discuss the planned blueprint with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the tentative software.
  • Development. Our main force of developers gets down to coding with C++, C#, .NET, and Python to provide the widest functionality of the software.
  • Testing. Before giving you our final product, our team of testers will go through every scenario your customers may have to guarantee that every possible functional need is accounted for. After the testing, all bugs and misleading elements are improved before the software release.
  • Implementation and support. Once you and your team accept the software, we push it to live and then continue offering support services in the future.

Develop your software with WiserBrand and benefit from:

  • Timely project delivery. Our team will deliver the first working prototype of your software within just a few weeks.
  • Innovative approaches. We operate within the agile framework that allows for immediate verification of requirements and their correction throughout the development process.
  • Customized design. Every project of ours is different and we never ever repeat our work. When cooperating with us you can be sure that your software solution is unique to the international market.
  • Dependable results. Whether you need to improve coordination within the company or facilitate access to your product for the buyers, our software will deliver tangible results that will boost your business’s effectiveness and increase revenue.