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React JS development in the WiserBrand company

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Creating a reliable interface and a customer trust relationship are the main priorities for you? WiserBrand can give you a helping hand. Get closer to your clients and receive your first sales leap with an app on React JS within the first month!

WiserBrand is an outsourcing company located in NYC that has a great experience in working with enterprises of different sizes and specializations. Our specialists are highly qualified and experienced, and our JS developers have a long list of completed projects on React JS. Therefore, the WiserBrand team recommends paying attention to mobile and single-page applications on React JS. We will help you to turn your idea into reality at an affordable price.

Why choosing React JS is so important for your app?

React JS is an open source JavaScript library that uses server-side rendering (SSR) without delay in loading JavaScript elements to create flexible and fast user interfaces.

Have a look at the main advantages of React JS:

  • Virtual DOM can improve the performance of high-load applications, which can reduce the likelihood of possible inconvenience and improve the user experience;
  • Using the isomorphic approach helps to render pages faster, thus allowing users to feel more comfortable while working with your application. Search engines index these pages better. Since the same code can be used both in the client and in the server part of the application, there is no need to duplicate the same functionality. As a result, costs and development time are reduced;
  • Thanks to the reuse of code, it has become much easier to create mobile applications. The code that was written during the creation of the website can be reused to create a mobile application. If you plan to use not only the website, but also the mobile application, there is no need to hire two large development teams;
  • Components and data models improve readability that helps support larger applications;
  • React JS handles large volumes of dynamic content that changes during user viewing.

If you need to display lists of heavy content or simply improve the performance of the website, feel free to choose React JS. Want to use modern web development technology? The concept of unidirectional data flow and immutability seems to you attractive? React JS is just the thing.