Public Relations

Are you striving for publicity? WiserBrand team will help you to generate it.
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WiserBrand is a Public Relations company with the head office in NYC. We aim to make your values clear to the public. We strive to translate your positive messages into positive stories and shape the image of your brand.

Need efficient Public Relations services? WiserBrand is just the thing.

public relation services

Online PR is fundamentally about three things: building a brand, managing and defending it utilizing communication with the audience through trusted, not paid, sources. PR aims to influence people that matter and is complementary to digital marketing. WiserBrand experts clearly understand how important your good name is and help you to tell your story to achieve the goals you have set.

WiserBrand team effectively uses PR techniques to build communication process beneficial for the image of your business.

  • We carry out a market research to audit the image your company translates to the public.
  • We build and manage websites.
  • We create content for your website.
  • We optimize your website for search engines.
  • We expand business contacts through networking.
  • We write and distribute press releases.
  • We build a strategy to promote your business in social media.
  • We deal with negative opinions online.
  • We do the blogging on behalf of your business.
  • We actively use online newsrooms and online media coverage.

WiserBramd experts take care to tailor your message for each social network. We use attractive images to engage with the public on Instagram and Pinterest, create brief announcements to catch the attention of the frequenters on Twitter, rewrite and edit texts to fit Facebook or Tumblr format.

We take persuasion business seriously and know the power of words and communication. WiserBrand primarily focuses on building a sustainable interaction with a targeted audience to develop the long-lasting beneficial relationship.