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Spent money on a pay per click strategy and got no results? Let our committed specialists complete a PPC audit for your project, find the gaps, and then steer it toward success and greater profits.
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Let us set your PPC campaign straight

ppc audit services

PPC campaigns are known to be one of the most effective means of online marketing. They deliver results within the first month and so vividly prove their effectiveness. However, strategies with a dislocated target tend to show less progress and bring fewer ROI, hence waste the money invested in the progress. Many businesses at this point throw PPC away and forget about its power, while WiserBrand asserts: there are ways to recover any unhealthy PPC campaign.

Pay per click audits were developed to keep an eye on the PPC operations. Audits allow for staying on track and controlling utilized PPC methods. Our team of dedicated online professionals knows about the power of PPC audits and sees the common mistakes businesses make with pay per click campaigns. So as a PPC company, WiserBrand offers professional PPC audit services to guarantee that your campaign is set straight toward waste minimization and ROI increase.

Work with WiserBrand and win the ranking back

With our expert team, you will get a five-step service starting from the initial interview and ending at the final discussion and explanation of the received numbers. However, these are three basic components that are included:

  • Analysis. Our team provides the full scope analysis for any type of company, such as account structure and settings, conversion tracking, the use of advert extensions, AdWords scripting, API, and CRM integration, search query analysis, and many more. Yet, we always ensure to investigate only the areas related to and essential for your business.
  • Verification. Cyber Gurus will verify existing installed conversion and tracking code to ensure they run properly. We will also identify present waste spent on account to prevent money loss in the future.
  • Recommendations. WiserBrand, as an expert PPC audit agency, always matches key metrics as a suggestion for the future development to ensure that your account matches the existing business goals. Besides that, we will develop a comprehensive list of positive keywords, provide scripts for easier campaign monitoring and management, and recommend remarketing strategies for ROI improvement.

PPC audit services offer fantastic profits

  • Monitoring of the workflow. Regular pay per click audits allow following the latest news and changes in the existing PPC campaign to guarantee its efficiency at all times.
  • Increase conversions and ROI. Effective PPC campaign leads to the boosting conversions and high ROI as a result. PPC website audit helps to get the non-working solutions back on track and so increase campaign’s efficiency in general.
  • Save money. After the audit, you can learn what parts of your current PPC strategy are not working and in fact are not that useful for your business. As a result, you will be able to cut down the investment of the inefficient practices and so save the company’s budget.
  • Educate. Audit reports deliver not only the information about your current state of PPC but also the trends and tendencies of the industry. Audits help teams stay on track and deploy the latest know-how for advantaging the market.