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FB advertising agency

Today Facebook is not only a social network platform but also one of the most effective methods to boost digital media exposure for your business. With Facebook advertising, you have more than 2 billion potential customers at your fingertips.

The key benefits of Facebook advertising

The benefits of Facebook advertising are hard to overestimate. Among social media websites, Facebook offers unique features to boost your business.

  • Facebook takes pride in being the leader in the number of active users, which today amounts to a whopping 2.7 billion. So, your company gets exposed to an unprecedented amount of prospective customers.
  • Facebook is statistically the world’s number one mobile application. Your advertisements are shown in the Facebook news feeds on mobile devices, which means people are more likely to see them.
  • Facebook advertising is the cheapest way to build public awareness of the value of your brand.
  • Facebook’s years’ worth of data of people’s views, likes and dislikes, shared posts and friends gives an opportunity to get your business advertisements targeted towards users who are likely to be interested in your product.
  • Facebook has multiple ways of advertising on the list: sponsored story, sponsored ads, sponsored posts, carousel ads and canvas ads. You can take advantage of all of them.
  • Facebook advertisements are inconspicuously blended in the interface which makes it highly unlikely to irritate or disturb viewers. So, your advertising gets seamlessly integrated into the users’ experience.

Make the Facebook ads management easy with the WiserBrand team of experts

If you are looking forward to exploiting the advertising opportunities Facebook can offer and don’t know where to start, a team of experts, specializing in Facebook ads management, can help you to sail through the process of launching a Facebook advertising campaign. WiserBrand is an outsourcing company located in NYC employing professional teams to provide the best service for the customers. We know the ropes in Facebook advertising and are ready to share our knowledge to boost your business.

Paid search or paid social are used to effectively get your message into the potential customer's hands. Paid social helps businesses to find consumers based on their location, behavior, and interests, whereas paid search involves using keywords and is used to give assistance to consumers when they need to find a company.