Enterprise Portal Development Services

Want to create a convenient and effective enterprise infrastructure? Then Enterprise Portal is just what you need. WiserBrand will help you to organize the work of your company efficiently.
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Enterprise Portal as the vertex of a pyramid

enterprise portal development services

Creating an Enterprise Portal is an important step in the development of business infrastructure and the promotion of the company goods and services. Choosing modern technologies for planning a business strategy, a company needs tools that firmly connect all the company departments. The development of an Enterprise Portal provides your employees and partners with access to databases and the necessary structured information. Additional software is also responsible for statistical analysis and execution of highly specialized tasks.

All automated control and management systems in the enterprise need a single hub, which will provide reliable and secure access to all the required databases and allow operating with a large amount of information at a time.

Enterprise Portal Development allows you to fulfill all these requirements and integrate all the features that take into account the company activity, and gradually carry out the transition to full automation.

WiserBrand provides not only Enterprise Portal Development services, but also comprehensive support and promotion.

Facilitate the work of the company

  • The main advantage of creating an Enterprise Portal is saving time for an employee, which is achieved through automation.
  • Optimization of corporate business processes. Enterprise Portal Development takes from several months to a year. During the whole time, close interaction with the business units of the customer takes place. After automating business processes, the time spent on approval is reduced at least 10 times. Creating an Enterprise Portal will allow employees to enter personal tasks and monitor the process of their implementation.
  • People search. Employees spend up to 50% of their time searching for the right specialist or coordinator. An Enterprise Portal is a tool for automating company processes, with which an employee will no longer need to look for the necessary coordinator or contact a specialist directly. All they need to do is to create an application through the portal interface, and the system will find the necessary specialists by itself and notify them of the task.
  • Search for information. Enterprise Portal Development for a specific company allows one to prepare and structure information in the form of a knowledge base with the possibility of contextual search. A new employee, having undergone training and testing, will be able to start work within a few hours.