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Want to create an eye-catching and multifunctional website? Or looking for the best system solution? Then you came to the right place. WiserBrand will help you with this task.
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dot net development services

One of the priority technologies on which WiserBrand successfully operates is Microsoft .Net. Developers use this platform to create integrated information systems, websites and other system solutions for enterprises and organizations of various profiles. Using .NET technology, they can create systems of operations management, customer relationship management, and many others.

WiserBrand develops both in a complex, and locally with the subsequent integration with already existing systems. The outsourcing agency is always ready to help you with the task of any difficulty. Our experienced specialists have a direct understanding of successful system solutions since they have created non-standard projects with a unique design and a convenient structure. NYC agency meets your needs and provides effective .Net Development services.

So what are the pros of .Net Development?

One of the main principles of .NET is: “Change everything you want, and wherever you want”. .NET is a completely new model for creating applications in Windows. The key advantages of .NET are the following:

  • Full object-oriented programming (OOP) support. The .NET library is a library of classes, not functions. This means that when using the library, one can create objects of these classes, as well as generate new classes using the library as the base.
  • Language independence. In the .NET environment, all programs, no matter what language they are created in, are compiled into the intermediate language Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL). This way language compatibility is achieved at the MSIL level. That is why, there is full and absolute interlanguage interaction.
  • Common Type System (CTS) ensures compatibility of programming languages at the data level by providing a consistent set of basic data types.
  • Code security. The .NET environment provides security at the code level; strict control of the intermediate language types allows the .NET environment to define security policies before launch.
  • The .NET environment has built-in support and creation of web services, as well as built-in support for dynamic web pages using new ASP.NET technologies.