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AngularJS development in the WiserBrand agency

AngularJS Web Development

AngularJS stands for a terrific combination of a low threshold of entry and a rich feature set. We ensure the top-level web apps development to meet your business needs. Get results from your business even today.

WiserBrand is an outsourcing company located in NYC. Our JS developers are widely experienced and highly-qualified. The agency has a congenial image as a reliable partner for enterprises of different sizes and specializations. We offer the affordable price for AngularJS development of web applications on a by-order basis in combination with professional performance of Angular web development services. We will create your future web app at its best for enterprises of any field of activity.

The benefits of AngularJS

Angular is a modern framework that allows creating integrated solutions for a wide range of tasks. Here you can find 9 reasons to choose Angular for your next project.

  • Big community. Let's start with the fact that AngularJS has a big community. It involves both members of the permanent development team, and just those who want to contribute to the development of the open source framework. If you choose AngularJS, you will not only be on trend, but you can always find developers to support your web app.
  • Declarative code style. In the process of creating templates in AngularJS, a declarative programming paradigm is applied. This makes the code more light weighted and easier to read and support, since the eventual necessary result is described, rather than all the steps needed to achieve it.
  • Use of directives. HTML is used as a template language in AngularJS. It is extended with the help of directives that add to the code information about the required behavior. Directives allow working more productively. They can be reused, which also improves readability of the code.
  • High speed of development. If handled properly, even large applications can be quickly developed using Angular.
  • MVC out of the box. AngularJS uses a MVC scheme that separates the logics, presentation, and application data.
  • Useful features for SPA. AngularJS for web applications is like water for fish. It is difficult to imagine that they could exist without each other. For instance, AngularJS provides opportunities for working with forms validation. If forms are used on the page, Form Controller records their state. Using this information, we can set the behavior of HTML elements in the UI. For the management of faults, AngularJS has built-in validators, but if necessary, we can also create our own. Error messages can be displayed both for the entire form and for its separate fields.
  • Modularity. In AngularJS, you can organize applications from different modules. They can either depend on each other, or be autonomous.
  • Availability of ready-made solutions. For AngularJS, there is a huge number of ready-made solutions that allow solving quite diverse tasks using ready-made modules.
  • Data-binding. Two-way binding is a particular feature of AngularJS: any changes in the user interface are immediately reflected in the app objects and vice versa.