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Take your social media presence to the next level by increasing brand awareness and attracting a new audience that is ready to buy your product
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Social media advertising services

Advertising strategy development
Targeted Advertising
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Our social media advertising workflow

01 Getting started
You, SMM Specialist, PM
1 week
  1. Setting goals for the campaign
  2. Project audit
  3. Target audience research
  4. Competitor evaluation
Effect: high-level estimate
02 Formulating and applying the strategy
You, SMM Specialist , PM
1 month
  1. Content marketing
  2. Advertising strategy development
  3. Forming promotional channels
  4. Platform growth roadmap
Effect: monthly report
03 Adjustment and overview
You, SMM Specialist, PM
1 week
  1. Comparing ad campaign results with the starting data
  2. Reporting the conclusions and discussing the progress
  3. Defining further goals and scaling up
Effect: reults

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Social Media Advertising benefits

01. Budget-friendly Social Media Advertising services
02. Extensive experience in digital marketing and advertising
03. WiserBrand’s clients stay with us 2+ years on average
04. Highly flexible ad strategies that aim for the highest performance
05. Innovative approach to social media promotion
06. Marketing specialists well-versed in the industry trends

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