AQA Interviewer


We are in search of a skilled AQA to join our team as a Part-Time Technical Interviewer.


  • Proven work experience in software development 
  • Proven work experience in software quality assurance
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in related field
  • Strong knowledge of software QA methodologies, tools and processes
  • Experience in writing clear, concise and comprehensive test plans and test cases
  • Solid knowledge of SQL and scripting
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills
  • Ability to assess technical proficiency and problem-solving skills effectively
  • Upper-Intermediate level of English or higher.


  • Conduct technical interviews with candidates for QA positions
  • Collaborate with the recruitment team to understand the requirements of each position and develop relevant interview questions
  • Provide comprehensive feedback on candidates’ technical proficiency and filling out a feedback form

About us:

WiserBrand is a rapidly growing US-UA web development company providing full-cycle services all over the globe. The main direction of our company is eCommerce, but we also have expertise in other domains.

We started 7 years ago as a small project providing digital marketing services. Therefore the project grew into an outsourcing & outstaffing company that provides web development, digital marketing, customer support, and outstaffing projects for clients all over the globe. 

Headquarters based in New York City. Also, we have development and support offices in Kharkiv with about 200 people in total.

The differentiator in the relationship we value with our employees is our open, fair, and respectful people practices and our positive work environment. Our people are the foundation of our success.