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WiserBrand PHP developers deliver highly flexible, customisable and secure platforms for the best user experience
Hire PHP Developers

Our PHP Developer is able to do:

PHP web development
PHP web development
Auditing and consulting
Auditing and consulting
CMS system development
CMS system development
Maintenance and support
Maintenance and support

Expertise in PHP development:

When looking for a contractor to take over your development process, whether or not you hire an experienced PHP developer can make or break the project. Rely on WiserBrand’s specialists and rest assured that their expertise, as well as knowledge to apply top-notch methodologies, guarantees excellent results.
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How to hire PHP developer?

Get in touch with the WiserBrand team, schedule a call, and we’ll make sure to appoint an interview where you’ll be able to meet our php developers who will work on your project.
During our interview, we’ll explore what your needs, expectations and financial boundaries are. In turn, WiserBrand’s php developers will propose several solutions and strategies depending on your preference and individual circumstance, as well as announcing the estimates.
You will be able to give input as to who will be ultimately working on your project, approve the roadmap and approaches our php developers suggest, initiating the start of our fruitful cooperation for the well-being of your business.

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Hiring models to choose from

Fixed cost
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Billing is done based on the specific tasks our team members perform as a part of the development process for your project: you will be given a specific rate for each task, and billing - conducted after the job is done. Most suitable for smaller projects with an undefined roadmap
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We bill you on a set periodic basis (2-4 weeks). This would be the most suitable for long-term ongoing projects.
Hourly rate
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The billing is done based on the number of hours our specialists have spent working on your project. Best suitable for smaller to mid-range project that has a highly flexible workflow, especially if they utilize various employees irregularly.
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Benefits for Hiring PHP developers

01. Budget-friendly PHP development
02. Highly customizable technical solutions
03. Innovative approach to marketing integration
04. User-oriented web design that utilizes “call-to-action”
05. Quality post-release support
06. Dozens of successful PHP projects

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