With start-ups flooding the market in its every aspect, bringing a new idea to that pool may seem like a facile decision. With proper planning and development, however, the concept can turn into reality and bring grist to the mill.

Product development, also known as new product management, is a set of steps that are taken by a company to turn an idea into a real product or service. The process frequently includes the general conceptualization of an idea, its following design, then actual development, and finally marketing of a new or rebranded product or service. The main objectives of development services are to cultivate, maintain, and increase market share of a company by satisfying the market demand.

WiserBrand is a development outsourcing company. We help you define your target audience and market because this is the foundation for the whole process. After outlining the market, we will create a framework that allows structuring a detailed plan of actions. Once the plan is ready, our team will develop your project and present to you the final product or service. Owing to the close cooperation of our IT development experts at all stages (engineering, manufacturing, and marketing), we effectively respond to even the faintest market change or client’s alterations to deliver the developed product on time and at our best.

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Web Development

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Mobile App Development

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Website Design

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Software Development

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Within the scope of our services, development should be understood as product development. This is a process of transforming an idea, concept, or a mere vision into a real-life product. Not always does it mean the creation of a new product; very often clients require alteration of the existing product with new or different features as they will offer extra benefits to the customer; in this case, it can be called rebranding. Our team offers a modification of an existing product or only its presentation as well as shaping and development of an entirely new product that can satisfy a newly defined group of customers, their needs, and desires, or a new market niche.

Goals are desired results that both the client and the development company set at the beginning of the project. They should relate either to the broader product strategy or to the product itself. Goals should also be easy to understand, implement, measure, and achieve. For example, a target for a new website development can be user-friendliness, accessibility of the product from different devices, or creation of its standard and premium features.

Program development is also known as software development or software engineering. This process is closely connected to coding and pre-planning stage at which both the client and the development company decide on the interface and functionality of the software. Being generally similar to the product development, program development differs mainly in the final result which is not a physical object, but a program or a software.

Development planning is the first stage of product development. It includes careful analysis of the current market, collection of requirements and desires of a client towards the final product, and then scheduling a step-by-step program for the product development process. The planning stage is held by both the client and the development team to ensure that all requirements and needs of a client are included in the plan and accounted for in the development process.

One of the main reasons why product development outsourcing is more popular than internal development is time. Outsourcing helps set closer deadlines, meet them faster, and as a result deliver a new product to the customer in less time. When time is money, outsourcing helps to save your resources while getting the high-quality result in the shortest period. Besides that, hiring an outside development company guarantees cooperation with a team of professionals who can work more efficiently and qualitatively even under pressure.

Our company works on the basis of agile development to deliver the most up-to-date and effective software for our customers. Agile development is the implementation of methods and practices that are grounded in close client-agency collaboration. Every week we have the so-called sprints that describe what functionality and tasks will be implemented next week to the product. A weekly review of the development process and regular consultations with the client allow us to change the concept of the product, its appearance, and any functionality to match the uncertain and turbulent market demand. In this model of cooperation, we care about the creation of working contemporary software rather than contract negotiations and strict following of the plan.

A full stack developer is a person who understands every minor detail of a product development from both front-end and back-end sides. This expert knows how the product will look like for a client and realizes how to fix its interface. At the same time, a full stack developer knows how to handle the coding part on the back-end side. In general terms, this is a project manager with technical insight who can debug any development problem whether it’s a database or a user-friendliness issue.

Every product we develop requires different amounts of time and effort. Some minor software developments can be completed within a couple of months, while large-scale products need more than a year. Our experts provide tentative deadlines and a release date after reviewing the general guidelines a client sends to us. After closer analysis and discussions with the team, we are ready to agree upon the due date for every particular project.

The cost of product development is heavily influenced by the scope of the product features and functionality required. WiserBrand offers a flexible price-list of services provided as we always adapt our price and proposal to every client who appeals to us. For small-budget companies, we can provide consultations about product development or join you at particular development stages, while for larger projects we conduct the whole product development process from A to Z.

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