Data science is a multidisciplinary mixture of technology, algorithm development, and data inference. This blend is used to solve analytically complex problems.

The definition of data science may confuse you but its core idea is data and its advantageous application to business development. Modern world equalized data to oil. Data science for business allows mining this oil and transforming it into useful plastic, chemicals, etc. to make it a valuable asset that can drive profitable activity for a business. Data science consulting firms are exactly those excavators that mine the data as a source. Then by the application of a wide range of data science techniques, they analyze, scrutinize and structure it to deliver the client a readable and useful extract of imperative information.

As a data science outsourcing company, WiserBrand offers data science consulting services for businesses in all fields and of all sizes. This means that we carefully consider your business and its market field. Then based on the principles of data science, we collect all the information related to your business and create a data pool. After that, our team profoundly and critically analyzes the mined data to see how it can help with your business development.

For instance, we can analyze your target audience or reveal how strong your competitors are. Then, we will deliver you the inspected information in clear form. With the information received, your business will be able to recognize complex market trends and make smarter far-reaching business decisions.

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In the field of data science services, data is a building block of the working process. Data is represented by pictures, text, music, and anything else your company is working with that you need to structurize and understand. When a client requests data science evaluation for their business, our team will work with the information presented, such as all comments on your website or images that you posted. Then, the data is collected for further classification and analysis to provide a client with comprehensive analysis and easy-to-navigate system for upcoming data management.

Data science is not hard so it isn’t divided into particular services to create a fixed price list. Our company operates on a project-basis payment method where the final cost is named once the scope of work is outlined. WiserBrand is a team of enthusiasts who love their job and aim to help our clients in every aspect. So when pricing data science services, we are guided by the project scope and type as well as by the financial possibilities of our client. Regardless of your business size and budget, we will be able to offer you the required services at a fair price.

Raw data for us is any piece of unstructured content you need us to analyze. For example, it can be a book or just a text. So basically, this is the initial data that you want the agency to analyze. Raw data is then classified based on similarities and analog characteristics. Once the groups of data are formed, the team can proceed to analysis in order to further implement the received results in, for instance, the creation of a chat-bot to simplify and unload the support.

We are frequently asked, ‘What industries may need DS?’ The answer is ‘any and every.’ Data science can help evaluate, analyze, and then resolve any issue that holds the business back no matter what field you’re engaged in. Data science is, however, much popular in the IT industry. This sphere deals with the online world that is currently based on data and its exchange. This means that the more a company knows about the data related to the business, the easier and faster the growth and development plans can be implemented.

There is a strict difference between data and information in computer science. Information consists of data. The difference lies in the basic distinction between a human and a machine. Data should be put into context for humans to understand it while a computer can analyze even the bits of unrelated data. So when one talks about data science, it means that the computer will analyze data that might not even make sense to you. With the right algorithms, however, the data is collected into blocks. After that, the team of experts can analyze it and put it to good use that allows them deliver meaningful conclusions to their clients.

Data science can easily and successfully add value to all the existing business models. It uses statistics and deep learning to help certain business make better decisions and improve hiring. Many companies also require data science to get back to the previously collected data and by analyzing it, predict possible future situations and risks. This allows them to elaborate the right development strategy to avoid repeating mistakes of the past. Data science can also help set the right workflow in a company based on the examination of the previous bugs and errors.

We have experts who can deal with any kind of data you have. Whether you work with images and need us to figure out which ones provide more flow to your page, or you operate with text only and want to understand how to structure it, we can help you. Our team is ready to handle any sort of data. Once you outline the goals and requirements, our experts will be able to suggest what data should be the primary focus of analysis and how the results obtained can speed up the achievement of your business objective.

Data science allows finding patterns in the data and by means of further development, to automate the decision-making process of customers, for instance. Hotlines, where people need to press buttons and follow the instructions, were first analyzed by the DS experts to find the questions and develop the correct system for the client’s decision-making. Data science provides an insight into the process basics and helps to understand how to improve their efficiency.

Outsourcing data science services can help mitigate the risk of losing money and being one step ahead of your competition. By collecting the past mistakes in one pool, for example, you will be able to analyze them and become proactive rather than reactive to the upcoming issues. Data science agencies provide faster and more precise data collection and prognosis services than any of the company’s inside workers would be able to. IT departments in companies always have millions of tasks to handle at a time, while an outsourcing team will focus exclusively on the data science for your company saving time, money, and effort of the internal team.

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