Wiser Brand

WordPress Website Development and Online Presence Establishment


Our client is a co-owner of a senior home care agency in Long Island City, New York.

As he provides services to the elderly, he used to employ primarily traditional, offline marketing tactics to promote his business and attract new clients.

However, he discovered that his competitors are receiving a significant return on their digital marketing investments, as well as experiencing noticeable brand awareness and credibility improvements by ensuring a consistent online presence.

That’s why he decided to make the first step toward acquiring the competitive advantage rare senior care service providers employ and contacted WiserBrand with the website development request.


The WiserBrand team created and implemented a custom website development plan:

  • Defined the website structure;
  • Designed the layout;
  • Developed the semantic core;
  • Choose and optimized media materials for all website pages;
  • Generated unique, SEO-optimized content for the homepage and the pages giving a detailed description of the senior home care services provided by the client;
  • Created custom contact and enrollment forms on the website;
  • Conducted basic on-site SEO optimization: interlinking, metadata and microdata following Schema.org requirements;
  • Completed quality assurance and released the website.
  • Completed the Spanish version of the website.
  • Installed SSL certificate to ensure secure connection and avoid Google penalties.
  • Set up social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Instagram) and started managing them.
  • Registered on senior care referral platforms to collect leads.
  • Established Google Knowledge Graph in SERP.


With our assistance, the client completed the first stage of establishing the online presence of his business.

Just in 1,5 months after the start of the project, a fully optimized and easy to use website went live.

The website supports a multi-language functionality.

At the moment, it’s available in English and Spanish.

If the client decides to add a couple of other languages, it will be easy to implement.

We were honored to receive extremely positive feedback:

“We are truly delighted with the overall look of the website. It is up to date and easy to use. Thank you for your effort and time.”


We’ve developed further SEO and SMM strategy for the client in order to make his website rank high in Google and turn it, as well as his social media accounts, into cost-efficient lead-generation platforms.

We agreed to provide the client with the initial setup of their social media presence and provide further instructions on how to maintain and grow it.

After a month of daily social media activity, we managed to grow the accounts up to 100 active followers from the client’s target audience without using any paid ads.

The number of impressions, likes and followers keeps on growing.