Swftic.io: finishing development of a new website


Swiftic, a company based in Israel, had an unfinished development project SWIFTIC.IO.

The future website was intended to focus on launching mobile stores where social influencers could create their personal fan clubs, monetize their content, increase audience engagement, and get fan data and insights.

Initially, the development of the website was started on WordPress CMS by developers from another company, but they failed to make it through.

The website also needed to be connected with SalesForce service for customer service solution. Our team had to finish the developing and provide routine support with regular updates and upgrades later on.


WiserBrand developers inspected the work done before, performed a thorough analysis, then worked out and implemented the following plan:

  • Implemented the styles and effects corrections;
  • Finished the development of the responsive layout;
  • Implemented the necessary tasks on the base of the SEO audit;
  • Set up the connection of all the website forms with the SalesForce service;
  • Optimized the code and set up the proper project management (staging -> production).


When we finished our work, the website Swiftic.IO was successfully launched and started serving its purpose.

WiserBrand team continues the collaboration with Swiftic company; we regularly perform the website support, implement customized updates and upgrades and do other tasks to keep the website working properly.