Swiftic.com: website revamping for a swift mobile developer


About the client

The Swiftic.COM company is our long-term client that chose to work with us on several projects.

Our second project with Swiftic was a multiple-language website for a mobile app development platform.

Built with the WordPress framework, their pre-existing website needed some fixes and improvements.



Development, Business


The WiserBrand team successfully developed, approved with the client and implemented the following steps:

  • Changing the styles and layout of the pages;

  • Adding an option to track leads coming from swiftic.com banners, as well as tracking & mapping all button clicks on the site with SalesForce;

  • Creating a number of pages to use as examples to show the possibility of integrating a game or a web-app into the service the client provides;


Project Results

As soon as most of the objectives on our roadmap had been achieved, the Swiftic.com website’s performance became much faster and more consistent, resulting in a complete decrease in technical issues.

WiserBrand team regularly performs troubleshooting and offers support for the website to this day.

Our developers implement regular updates and optimal upgrades, also staying on top of other tasks to keep the website working properly.

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