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SEO and SMM Services For an Online Furniture Store


Our client is the owner of a big online furniture store, whose competitors are Wayfair and Coleman Furniture.

Even though they started a business a while ago and managed to grow their online presence, as well as gain a substantial number of positive reviews from buyers, the website was relying mostly on paid traffic.

The growth of organic traffic wasn’t significant, and SEO issues that were haunting the website didn’t allow it to rank higher in search and gain more unique visits. Branded social media profiles weren’t managed at the moment of onboarding.

Additionally, the followers the client already had on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram didn’t belong to his target audience.

Most of them weren’t residing in the US, and the store is focused on the US market only.

SEO Solution

WiserBrand team took a month to conduct a deep SEO audit for the client (both on-site and off-site problems were analyzed) and developed a strategy for the first 6 months of optimization.

Among the others, the following suggestions were made to correct technical issues on the website and kickstart its organic growth:

  • New meta titles and meta descriptions. Search engine attractive meta title and meta description schemes were created for different page groups of the website. Custom metadata was written for the top-level pages of the website.
  • Elimination of technical issues (wrong canonicals, pagination problems, issues with redirects, indexation of some pages, etc.).
  • Removal of duplicate content throughout the website.
  • SEO optimization of website images.
  • Usability suggestions (top navigation, product pages, etc.).
  • Plan for reworking the website content, which implies the creation of unique, custom content for top-level website pages (categories, subcategories, pages of brands, whose furniture is being sold at the store, etc.).
  • Strategy for changing the routing of URLs on the website to improve the ranking potential of its pages and introduce user-friendly URLs.
  • Suggestions to improve structured data to achieve rich snippets for product pages.
  • Plan to rework the page that contains customer reviews to make it more informative, user-friendly. The ideas this plan contains should also improve the snippet of this page in SERP.
  • Strategy to grow the backlinks mass and eliminate the negative impact of low-quality backlinks.

WiserBrand team provided the copywriter, who is creating content for client’s website according to the technical tasks set by our SEO specialists.

We’re also growing the number of high-quality backlinks pointing at client’s website through multiple channels, increasing the domain authority.

Our team is continuing to work on the growth of organic traffic and positions of the website for product and product group keywords, as well as other keywords determined as a priority during the initial audit.

SEO solution

SMM Solution

During the initial audit, our SMM specialists evaluated client’s branded social media pages, conducted the competitor research and defined an SMM strategy aimed at growing the number of followers that belong to client’s target audience, improving social media engagement and driving conversions to the website.

Our social media team took the following steps:
  • Defined social media platforms this business should concentrate on (for a furniture store, we chose Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as the primary ones).
  • Revamped social media profiles (created optimized descriptions, chose appropriate settings, etc.)
  • Set up the shop section on Facebook and started adding products to the website to it.
  • Developed a social media calendar and started posting regularly (the text of the post and the graphics are created by our team with the use of media materials available on client’s website). On Instagram, we share stories in addition to daily posts.
  • Began engaging US-based followers and interacting with them.
  • On Pinterest - we began with a completely empty profile with no followers. We started adding posts about the products or product groups sold on the website, creating themed boards and conducting other activities to attract attention to the brand and generate conversions.


Even though the client’s development team doesn’t have enough time to implement our SEO suggestions (which is a situation many SEO specialists may relate to), we still manage to cooperate closely with them in order to improve the website’s ranking potential, grow traffic and conversions.

The daily organic traffic grew from 2,5K on average to 3,5K on average, and we’re still experiencing the growth despite the seasonal tendencies.

Google Analytics organic traffic wiserbrand SEO case studies

The average position of website’s pages (as provided by the Search Console) improved from 22 to 15.

For a significant number of top priority keywords, the website pages are in the top 5 or top 10.

We continue working on the elimination of technical SEO issues on the website, as well as implementing our strategy regarding the routing of URLs.

The client relies on our expertise when it comes to rebuilding the structure of his website, which is the long-term task we’re still working on in cooperation with the client and development team.

When it comes to social media, we managed to grow Pinterest from 0 to 1K+ followers in 6 months, no paid ads used. The number of monthly viewers reached 420K point in July. Almost 25% of the website’s social traffic is coming from Pinterest.

Pinterest insights wiserbrand SMM case study

On Instagram, we managed to grow the account to 2,300+ followers and substantially increase the percentage of the US-based ones.

Our activities on Facebook are a bit limited, which is due to the client’s request.

However, we continue uploading products to the Facebook shop and help our client to monitor and deal with customers’ request in Facebook messages, which is rather important for the brand’s reputation and client retention.


We're still working with the client on the on-site SEO by creating more content for the top-level pages, developing strategies to optimize the product pages on the website and diversify content there.

The elimination of technical SEO issues still continues.

A couple of our priorities at the moment are changing of the URLs routing and optimizing product pages for rich snippets.

The client is satisfied with the interim results and is willing to continue working on their SEO and SMM in order to decrease the dependence on paid ads.

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