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Film investment company: addressing negative search engine results


Our client, a film investment company* from the UK, turned to us to solve their problem.

The goal we set was to move a negative article from the first page of the results in Google search.

It appeared on the first search results page after the queries with the company name and the CEO’s first and the last name.

*The company name is protected by NDA


Our SEO team created an approach that was based on the following principles:

  • Increasing backlinks mass (creating profiles on specific directories, creating SEO-optimized content for each new profile);
  • Setting up profiles and interlinking them on major platforms;
  • Creating media materials for external sources; promoting positive sources from the first and second Google pages;
  • Tracking the indexation of URLs;
  • Presenting the recommendations for social media management (developing the posting schedule, adding branded and industry hashtags, helping to set up corporate profiles);
  • Daily positions monitoring for the brand search queries.


In 5 months of the consistent marketing strategy the negative article moved to the 5th page for branded search query, moved to the end of the 1st page for brand name + reviews query, to the end of the 1st page for brand name + scam query, to the 3rd page for brand name + film investment query.

In a year, the negative article disappeared from Google index for the branded search query and moved to the 7th page for brand name + reviews query, to the 2nd page for brand name + scam query, moved to the 9th page for the brand name + film investment query.


Search Query October 2017 In 5 months In a year
Brand name 9 43 out of index
Brand name + reviews 4 10 62
Brand name + scam 1 6 14
Brand name + film investment 8 23 91