Music band: arranging an online promotion for a successful concert


Our client decided to run a massive free concert of popular US Rap and Hip Hop musician.

The offline campaign was outsourced to a local PR agency.

The online PR activities like event information submission to different lists, online press contacts, and Facebook/Instagram advertising was passed to WiserBrand in a month before the concert starts.

Additionally, all the media materials and texts must be approved by the client which usually took a lot of time.


The WiserBrand team created and executed a custom concert promotion plan:

  • Created the list of local websites publishing information about upcoming events.
  • Contacted websites’ webmasters with media materials and event venue.
  • Provided additional information if needed for the event announcements to be published
  • Created the list of online local news agencies
  • Contacted editors with the press releases
  • Provided additional details about the venue as well as information about press and photographers passports on the event.
  • Set up the event pages and added event posts on the most popular social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Researched target audience on Facebook and Instagram for paid promotion.
  • Developed promotional plans and defined budgets as well as expected result for each promotional activity: text ads, video ads, posts’ boosts and sponsored posts.
  • Assisted on the creation of event website and FAQ section.
Online concert


With our help, the client successfully launched an online promo of the upcoming concert not looking at the late start. With the budget of $1000 we managed to reach more than 100000 of local citizens on the event page:

Website event promotion with Facebook Pixel tracking with the budget of $5000:

Online concert promotion
Concert promotion

There has been a good press exposure, and a lot of journalists attended the client’s event. Several news agencies ran banner ads for free for two weeks before the concert. Over 30 announcements about the show were published on main event platforms.


Our team has developed a digital marketing strategy to attract more visitors to the online concert.

With minimum resources and limited budgets, we executed an online event promotion campaign. According to the client as the result of our and offline team activities, we attracted more than 250,000 local citizens.

Additionally, during the event promotion period and a couple of months after it, the Client reported significant growth in the sales: +300% of calls each day. Moreover, the event created a positive image for the client and his team making them closer to their clients - more positive reviews and feedbacks on the main review platforms and social media.