Wiser Brand

Online Brand Awareness and Lead Conversion


Startup service company experienced problems with Google ranking.

The corporate name was not recognized by search engines for more than 3 months despite setting up social networks and active website.

There were taken immediate actions to bring traffic and convert leads from the internet.


WiserBrand set up a plan on getting backlinks from trusted sources and started generating own SEO-optimized content.

Also, there was developed 1-year social media strategy which was aimed at boosting overall online presence. It included:

  • Setting up profiles on the world`s top social networks.
  • Creating unique and SEO-optimized media content.
  • Launching blog and social media posts according to the content calendar.
  • Setting up profiles on the world`s top business directories.
  • Promoting branded hashtags and infographics.


Organic growth of social networks was counted by more than 1000%.

After just a few months of work, we managed to drive more than 100 unique website visitors per day, almost 900 followers on Facebook, nearly 150 followers on Google+, almost 1000 followers on Twitter.

Additionally to the increasable growth, social networks and website started bringing new leads and giving an opportunity to engage with current clients online increasing their satisfaction level.


Startup continues to develop online swiftly.

Its name is recognized by Google and other search engines in all variations of branded queries.

The combination of professionally set SEO and SMM increased traffic to almost 10 times and brought leads from online applications.