Hirerush: better conversion rate with improved UX


About the client

HireRush is a platform that aids anyone in finding a professional for hire - from yard workers to lawyers. Over 1 million experts are ready to give their help in more than 6500 cities all over the United States. Besides serving as an intermediary between specialists looking for jobs and their prospective clients, HireRush provides a robust toolset and additional benefits for both parties.





HireRush had been experiencing some issues with traffic and the absence of leads from social media. The company contacted our WiserBrand team to audit their social media, as well as an overview and fix the problems with their current strategy.

When the website had been launched, HireRush marketing team lacked crucial information about their target audience, and as a result, the website promotion strategy needed thorough improvements to be better tailored to their potential customers.



WiserBrand UI/UX design team analyzed the situation, worked out and successfully implemented a 2-stage plan of action:

Stage 1

  • Collecting data;

  • Website auditing;

  • Analyzing user behavior: how they look for the service providers, and what the differences in their behavior when using a PC or a mobile version of the website are;

  • A/B testing;

  • Problem detection.

Stage 2

  • Developing a new design based on the results of A/B testing;

  • Developing a new Page Header, as well as Action Button;

  • Finalizing and releasing the changes.


Project Results

After we had transitioned to the second stage of our strategy, the situation started changing drastically. In several months, the conversion rate increased by 183%.

The total website conversion rate rose from 0.75% to 2%, the growth was 139.77%.

wiserbrand cs ux

Service Providers Pages:

Before: 0.58%. After: 1.65%. The growth: 183%.

wiserbrand cs ux2

Category Pages:

Before: 2.09%. After: 4.57%. The growth: 119.27%.

wiserbrand cs ux3

After receiving the first data, we used best efforts to increase the website conversion even more.

In a year, the previous website average conversion of 2% rose up to 3.30%, meaning that the growth was 81.65%.

Service Providers Pages:

Before: 1.65%. After: 3.85%. The growth: 121.26%.

wiserbrand cs ux4

Category Pages:

Before: 4.57%. After: 5.52%. The growth: 31.88%.

wiserbrand cs ux6


As a result, we received the total website conversion growth of 323.50% that rose from 0.77% to 3.26%. 

wiserbrand ux5

The rate of conversion from the service providers pages rose from 0.58% to 3.85%. The growth was 561.01%. 

wiserbrand ux8

The rate of conversion from the categories rose from 2.09% to 5.52%. The growth was 164.28%. 

wiserbrand 9

Website Conversion Growth
Service Providers Pages Conversion Growth
Categories Pages Conversion Growth

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