HireRush: better conversion rate with improved UX

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The HireRush company, a loyal WiserBrand’s partner, turned to our team to improve the user experience on their website for the purposes of conversion rate growth.

The work of business portal HireRush.com is based on gathering the leads from the clients that seek independent service providers.

The website uses special forms for creating tasks (leads) that users can fill either in the relevant category or directly on the service provider’s page.

At that moment, the conversion rate from the category pages was approximately 2%, from the service providers’ pages - 0.77%, and the general conversion rate was 0.61%.

The WiserBrand team set a goal to find and eliminate the reason of the low conversion rate, improve UX and increase the number of new tasks.


WiserBrand UI/UX design team analyzed the situation and worked out and implemented the 2-stage working plan:

Stage 1

  • Data gathering;
  • Audit of the website;
  • Analysis of the user behavior: how they look for the service providers, and what are the differences in their behavior when using a PC or a mobile version of the website;
  • A/B testing;
  • Detection of the problem.

Stage 2

  • Development of a new design on the base of the results of A/B testing;
  • Development of a new Page Header, as well as, Action Button;
  • Implementation.


After we implemented the second stage of our work, the situation started changing for the better. In several months, the conversion rate increased by 183%.

The total website conversion rate rose from 0.75% to 2%, the growth was 139.77%.

wiserbrand cs ux

Service Providers Pages:

Before: 0.58%. After: 1.65%. The growth: 183%.

wiserbrand cs ux2

Category Pages:

Before: 2.09%. After: 4.57%. The growth: 119.27%.

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After receiving the first data, we used best efforts to increase the website conversion even more.

In a year, the previous website average conversion of 2% rose up to 3.30%, meaning that the growth was 81.65%.

Service Providers Pages:

Before: 1.65%. After: 3.85%. The growth: 121.26%.

wiserbrand cs ux4

Category Pages:

Before: 4.57%. After: 5.52%. The growth: 31.88%.

wiserbrand cs ux6


As a result, we received the total website conversion growth of 323.50% that rose from 0.77% to 3.26%. 

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The rate of conversion from the service providers pages rose from 0.58% to 3.85%. The growth was 561.01%. 

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The rate of conversion from the categories rose from 2.09% to 5.52%. The growth was 164.28%. 

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